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Medicine and Health - Quiz Questions & Answers

What do you call the Chinese system of healing with insertions of needles into the body? Which British biochemist first found the presence of vitamins in fresh food? (a) What oil is sometimes applied to gums and teeth to relieve pain? ... Read More

World History Quiz - Questions on World History with Answers

We present you the world history quiz that contains 50 general knowledge questions on World History with answers. Take the Quiz and improve your overall knowledge of World History. Question: The American war of Independence was fought between... Read More

Forex Quiz - Forex Trading Quiz Questions & Answers

Here is a collection of forex trading quiz questions with answers for you to test your forex trading skills. It ia advised to take the forex quiz below to test your forex knowledge before you start to trade. If you have already started, take it and... Read More

The Universe Quiz - Questions about The Universe

Which is the oldest Satellite orbiting the earth? What is the common name of the Galaxy we inhabit? Where is the 'Sea of Showers'? Which is the only day named after a planet? Who is considered to be the 'Father of Modern... Read More

King and Queens - Quiz Questions and Answers

(a) “The King was in the counting-house.” Where was the Queen? (b) Which Queen sometimes believed “as many as six impossible things before breakfast”? (a) In Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, who were the King and... Read More

Current Affairs 2010 Questions and Answers (Set 1)

Here are the latest 2010 Current Affairs Questions for Competitive Exams and Bank Exams. This collection also includes some General Knowledge Questions with Answers. If you think this is an excellent blog about Indian Current Affairs as a subject of... Read More

Famous Explorers - Quiz Qustions and Answers

Which French explorer of the 18th Century had an island, a strait, and a climbing plant named after him? Who organized and led the Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947? Who first sailed around the tip of South America and had the straits named after him? (a... Read More

Geographical Terms - Geography Quiz Questions & Answers

Here is a collection of geography quiz questions to test your geography knowledge. The answers are given below the questions. This quiz will not only test your knowledge about geography but also helps to improve it. Geography Quiz Questions What... Read More

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