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Geographical Terms - Geography Quiz Questions & Answers

Here is a collection of geography quiz questions to test your geography knowledge. The answers are given below the questions. This quiz will not only test your knowledge about geography but also helps to improve it.

Geography Quiz Questions

  1. What is an
    (a) isohel
    (b) isohyet
  2. What geographical term is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?
  3. Where are the following to be found?
    (a) Prairies
    (b) Pampas
    (c) Chinook
    (d) Veldt
  4. What are these in context to Geography?
    (a) Buran
    (b) Sirocco
    (c) Chinook
    (d) Fohn
    (e) Pampero
  5. What is the difference between a Hurricane and a Tornado?
  6. What are these?
    (a) Willy-willies
    (b) Zephyr
  7. What are "Mare’ Tails"?
  8. What is a bore on a river?
  9. Which clouds are composed mainly of ice-crystals?
  10. What is an Isthmus?
  11. What is the geographical term for ’a ring-shaped coral island’?
  12. What is meant by a "Ring of Fire"?
  13. Which line on a map connects places of the same height?
  14. What is the belt of low-pressure around the equator called?
  15. What instrument is used to measure the following?
    (a) The speed of wind
    (b) Rainfall
    (c) Air-pressure
  16. What is the term for a limestone deposit from the roof to the floor of a cave?
  17. What porous volcanic-rock floats on water?
  18. What are these?
    (a) Bayou
    (b) Quicksand
    (c) Glen
  19. What is
    (a) a Mirage
    (b) a Monsoon
  20. What are these in context of Geography?
    (a) an Archipelago
    (b) Snowline
    (c) Oasis
    (d) Estuary
    (e) Canyon

Geography Quiz Answers

  1. (a) A line on a map connecting places having equal amount of sunshine.
    (b) A line on a map connection places with same amount of rainfall.
  2. Delta
  3. All are grasslands found in:
    (a) North America
    (b) South America
    (c) Asia
    (d) South Africa
  4. All are names of winds
    (a) Buran is a bitterly cold wind in the U.S.S.R.
    (b) Sirocco is a hot wind from the Sahara Desert. It is warm in the Mediterranean area.
    (c) Chinook is a warm dry wind that blows in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in U.S.A.
    (d) Fohn is a warm dry wind blowing down the Alps across the Pampas.
    (e) Pampero is a strong cold wind of South America which blows across the Pampas.
  5. A Hurricane is a storm with violent wind, rain, thunder and lightning. A tornado is a violent, destructive, funnel- shaped whirlwind that travels in a narrow path over the land.
  6. (a) violent tropical cyclones in Australia
    (b) gentle breeze from the west, named after the Greek God of the West Wind, Zephyrus
  7. Feathery strands in the sky made when Cirrus clouds are blown about.
  8. A tidal wave
  9. Cirrus clouds
  10. A narrow piece of land connecting 2 larger bodies of land
  11. An atoll
  12. The "Ring of fire" is a belt of volcanoes that nearly encircles the Pacific Ocean (and includes more than half of the world’s active volcanoes).
  13. Contour
  14. The Doldrums
  15. (a) Anemometer
    (b) Pluviometer
    (c) Barometer
  16. Stalactite
  17. Pumice
  18. (a) A sluggish marshy creek
    (b) A patch of ordinary sand Saturated by water from an underground source that makes it soup-like
    (c) a secluded narrow valley
  19. (a) A mirage is a trick of nature. E.g. In a desert, there is a layer of very dense hot air above the ground. This layer of air bends light rays passing through it distorting the images of distant objects.
    (b) A monsoon is a seasonal wind in Asia which blows from the land to the sea for 6 months and from the sea to the land for the other 6 months.
  20. (a) A cluster of islands.
    (b) A level on the mountain above which snow lays permanently.
    (c) A part of the desert where water and vegetation are found.
    (d) A broad channel formed by the mingling of the sea and river water.

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