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The Universe Quiz - Questions about The Universe

  1. Which is the oldest Satellite orbiting the earth?
  2. What is the common name of the Galaxy we inhabit?
  3. Where is the ‘Sea of Showers’?
  4. Which is the only day named after a planet?
  5. Who is considered to be the ‘Father of Modern astronomy’?
  6. Which is the only clockwise-rotating planet?
  7. Which constellation represents a hunter with a Club and Shield?
  8. What is the outer Layer of the earth’s atmosphere called?
  9. Who invented the first Astronomical Telescope and when was it invented?
  10. What is the collective name given to the Sun and the group of bodies which revolve around it?
  11. What is a Supernova?
  12. A comet named after a British astronomer appears at an interval of 76 years. Name the Comet and the year when it last appeared.
  13. What is Ursa Minor?
  14. (a) What is the name for the scientific study of heavenly bodies?
    (b) What Science deals with the structure of the Universe and its origin?
  15. Who were the authors of these Classic “Space” stories?
    1. “From the Earth to the Moon”
    2. “The First Man on the Moon”
  16. What is the correct term for a Shooting Star?
  17. What is a Nebula?
  18. Where is the ‘Sea of Tranquility’?
  19. Who propounded the theory that ‘the Earth revolves round the Sun’?
  20. What are the four elements according to the ancient Greeks?


  1. The Moon
  2. The Milky Way
  3. The Moon
  4. Saturday
  5. Nicolas Copernicus
  6. Venus
  7. Orion
  8. The Stratosphere
  9. Galileo, in 1609
  10. The Solar System
  11. The explosion of a dying star
  12. Halley’s Comet, named after Sir Edmund Halley. It last appeared in 1986.
  13. A group of stars in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning “The Little Bear”.
  14. (a) Astronomy, (b) Cosmology
  15. (a) Jules Verne, (b) H.G. Wells
  16. A Meteor
  17. Nebulae are large clouds of dust and gas in space
  18. The moon
  19. Aristarchus, in 290 B.C.
  20. Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  1. Thank you so much for sharing this quiz about the universe. You’ve been very helpful.

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