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Science and Technology Quiz - Questions & Answers

Are you looking for quiz questions and answers about science and technology? You’ve come at the right place. Check out this Science and Technology quiz and see if you can answer the following questions on science, technology and electronics? Play this quiz to see how good you are at Science and Technology questions.

Science and Technology Quiz Questions

Here is the list of quiz questions and answers about Science and Technology. Can you answer the following questions on electronics, science and technology?

Question: Which is a type of Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory?

  1. Flash
  2. Flange
  3. Fury
  4. FRAM

Question: What is made from a variety of materials, such as carbon, and inhibits the flow of current?

  1. Choke
  2. Inductor
  3. Resistor
  4. Capacitor

Question: "FET" is a type of transistor, Its full name is ________ Effect Transistor.

  1. Field
  2. Factor
  3. Flash
  4. Force

Question: A given signal’s second harmonic is twice the given signal’s __________ frequency. Fill in the blank?

  1. Fourier
  2. Foundation
  3. Fundamental
  4. Field

Question: Voltage is sometimes referred to as EMF, or Electromotive ________?

  1. Field
  2. Factor
  3. Flash
  4. Force

Question: When measuring the characteristics of a small-signal amplifier, say for a radio receiver, one might be concerned with its "Noise ________"?

  1. Fundamental
  2. Fall
  3. Force
  4. Figure

Question: The average power (in watts) used by a 20 to 25 inch home color television is ________?

  1. 70-100
  2. 25-50
  3. 500-800
  4. Over 1000

Question: The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for ________?

  1. Video Home System
  2. Very High Speed
  3. Video Horizontal Standard
  4. Voltage House Standard

Question: If the picture is stretched or distorted up and down like a fun house mirror the circuit to adjust or repair is ________?

  1. Vertical
  2. Tuning
  3. Horizontal
  4. Filament

Question: The electromagnetic coils on the neck of the picture tube or tubes which pull the electron beam from side to side and up and down are called a ________?

  1. Transformer
  2. Yoke
  3. Capacitor
  4. Diode

Question: The input used by an antenna or cable to a TV set uses ________ frequencies?

  1. IF
  2. RF
  3. AF
  4. SAP

Question: The transformer that develops the high voltage in a home television is commonly called a ________?

  1. Tesla coil
  2. Flyback
  3. Yoke
  4. Van de Graaf

Question: Most modern TV’s draw power even if turned off. The circuit the power is used in does what function?

  1. Sound
  2. Remote Control
  3. Color Balance
  4. High Voltage

Question: In a color television set using a picture tube a high voltage is used to accelerate electron beams to light the screen. What is that voltage?

  1. 500 Volts
  2. 5 Thousand Volts
  3. 25 Thousand Volts
  4. 100 Thousand Volts

Question: The NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is also used in the country of ________?

  1. Japan
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. England

Question: In the USA, the television broadcast standard is ________?

  1. PAL
  2. NTSC
  3. SECAM
  4. RGB

Question: Which is NOT an acceptable method of distributing small power outlets throughout an open plan office area?

  1. Power Poles
  2. Power Skirting
  3. Flush Floor Ducting
  4. Extension Cords

Question: In the UK, what type of installation requires a fireman’s switch?

  1. Neon Lighting
  2. High Pressure Sodium Lighting
  3. Water Features
  4. Hotel Rooms

Question: What will a UPS be used for in a building?

  1. To provide power to essential equipment
  2. To monitor building electricity use
  3. To carry messages between departments
  4. To control lighting and power systems

Question: Larger buildings may be supplied with a medium voltage electricity supply, and will required a substation or mini-sub. What is the main item of equipment contained in these?

  1. Transformer
  2. Transponder
  3. Transducer
  4. Converter

Question: Some lasers are referred to as being CW. What does CW mean?

  1. Circular wave
  2. Constant white
  3. Continuous wave
  4. Clear white

Question: What is the process responsible for producing photons in a diode laser?

  1. Fermi level shift
  2. Majority carrier injection
  3. Carrier freeze out
  4. Electron-hole recombination

Question: What are three types of lasers?

  1. Gas, Metal Vapor, Rock
  2. Pointer, Diode, CD
  3. Diode, Inverted, Pointer
  4. Gas, Solid State, Diode

Question: What was the active medium used in the first working laser ever constructed?

  1. A Diamond Block
  2. Helium-Neon Gas
  3. A Ruby Rod
  4. Carbon Dioxide Gas

Question: After the first photons of light are produced, which process is responsible for amplification of the light?

  1. Blackbody radiation
  2. Stimulated emission
  3. Planck’s radiation
  4. Einstein oscillation

Question: Once the active medium is excited, the first photons of light are produced by which physical process?

  1. Blackbody radiation
  2. Spontaneous emission
  3. Synchrotron radiation
  4. Planck’s oscillation

Question: The first step to getting output from a laser is to excite an active medium. What is this process called?

  1. Pumping
  2. Exciting
  3. Priming
  4. Raising

Question: What does AM mean?

  1. Angelo marconi
  2. Anno median
  3. Amplitude modulation
  4. Amperes

Question: What frequency range is the High Frequency band?

  1. 100 kHz
  2. 1 GHz
  3. 30 to 300 MHz
  4. 3 to 30 MHz

Question: What does EPROM stand for?

  1. Electric Programmable Read Only Memory
  2. Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  3. Evaluable Philotic Random Optic Memory
  4. Every Person Requires One Mind

Question: What does the term PLC stand for?

  1. Programmable Lift Computer
  2. Program List Control
  3. Programmable Logic Controller
  4. Piezo Lamp Connector

Question: Which motor is NOT suitable for use as a DC machine?

  1. Permanent Magnet Motor
  2. Series Motor
  3. Squirrel Cage Motor
  4. Synchronous Motor

Question: What does VVVF stand for?

  1. Variant Voltage Vile Frequency
  2. Variable Velocity Variable Fun
  3. Very Very Vicious Frequency
  4. Variable Voltage Variable Frequency

Question: The sampling rate, (how many samples per second are stored) for a CD is...?

  1. 48.4 kHz
  2. 22,050 Hz
  3. 44.1 kHz
  4. 48 kHz

Question: A Compact disc (according to the original CD specifications) hold how many minutes of music?

  1. 74 mins
  2. 56 mins
  3. 60 mins
  4. 90 mins

Question: Sometimes computers and cash registers in a foodmart are connected to a UPS system. What does UPS mean?

  1. United Parcel Service
  2. Uniform Product Support
  3. Under Paneling Storage
  4. Uninterruptable Power Supply

Question: What does AC and DC stand for in the electrical field?

  1. Alternating Current and Direct Current
  2. A Rock Band from Australia
  3. Average Current and Discharged Capacitor
  4. Atlantic City and District of Columbia

Question: Which consists of two plates separated by a dielectric and can store a charge?

  1. Inductor
  2. Capacitor
  3. Transistor
  4. Relay

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