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Common Sense Test - Part 12 of General Knowledge Quiz

  1. Automobile building is the largest manufacturing industry in the world.
  2. A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.
  3. Polar bears can eat as much as ten percent of their body weight in less than one hour.
  4. Marlboro was the first cigarette company to market a cigarette that had a red filter called "beauty tip." This was done to hide the lipstick marks left on the filter from women smokers.
  5. In Japan, the number four is considered to be unlucky because the Japanese word for four sounds very similar to the word death.
  6. The life expectancy of a $100 bill is nine years.
  7. The words moron, imbecile, and idiot are not interchangable. The one with the highest level of intelligence is a moron, followed, by an imbecile, and then idiot.
  8. Anise is the scent on the artificial rabbit that is used in greyhound races.
  9. The first known American novelist to hand in a manuscript that was typed was Mark Twain. His typewriter was a Remington No.1, which was invented by Christopher Sholes and Carlos Glidden.
  10. The city of Nottingham in England was the first city to have Braille signs (signs for the blind) in its shopping malls for the blind.
  11. The only woman that has appeared on a U.S. paper currency is Martha Washington.
  12. The name of the Taco Bell dog is Gidget.
  13. Each year approximately half of billions dollars is spent on bubble gum by the kids in North America.
  14. Hair and fingernails are made from the same substance, keratin.
  15. The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night.
  16. The number one cause of blindness in adults in the United States is diabetes.
  17. India has a Bill of Rights for cows.
  18. A drink used to be made by the Aztecs for the gods which had the ingredients of ground cocoa mixed in with spices and corn.
  19. In America, the most common mental illness is Anxiety Disorders.
  20. The stage were the television sitcom "Friends" is shot on is said to be haunted.
  21. Gases that build up in your large intestine cause flatulence. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes for these gases to pass through your system.
  22. The largest earthworm on record was found in South Africa and measured 22 feet.
  23. Whooping cranes are born with blue eyes that change to bright gold by the time they six months old.
  24. Belize is the only country in the world with a jaguar preserve.
  25. Tomatos were once referred to as "love apples." This is because their was a superstition that people would fall in love by eating them.
  26. The American Kestrel hawk weighs only four ounces.
  27. A 27 year old heir to a sausage empire was handed a ticket for 116,000 pounds for driving at 80 km/hr in a 40 km/hr zone. This is because the speeding tickets in Finland are based on how much money a person makes.
  28. In China, pancakes are generally served as side dishes. They are stuffed with meat, bean sprouts, and other vegetables.
  29. 93% of all greeting cards are purchased by women.
  30. Paper money is not made from wood pulp but from cotton. This means that it will not disintegrate as fast if it is put in the laundry.
  31. The most deadly fires that occur in the home happen between 6pm and 10pm.
  32. There are over 200 parts in a typical telephone.
  33. There is an automobile model called Stutz Bearcat.
  34. If you were standing on Mercury, the Sun would appear 2.5 times larger than it appears from Earth.
  35. The water inside of a coconut is identical to human blood plasma. Many lives in third world countries have been saved from coconut water fed through an IV.
  1. The least likely day to eat out in the United States is Monday.
  2. Little Miss Muffet was a girl from the 16th century whose name was really Patience.
  3. In 1978, the World Water Speed record was made by Ken Warby from Australia. His average speed was 317.6 mph, and his jet-powered hydroplane was 27 feet long called "Spirit of Australia." Warby built the boat himself in his back yard.
  4. Americans collectively eat one hundred pounds of chocolate every second.
  5. People who studies laughter are called a "gelotologists.".
  6. Adolf Hitler was one of the people that was responsible in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle. He came up with the idea of producing a car that was cheap enough for the average German working man to afford.
  7. Chameleons can move their eyes independently. One eye can be looking forward and one eye backward at the same time.
  8. Bruce Lee was so fast, that they actually had to slow a film down so you could see his moves. That is the opposite of the norm.
  9. Over 90% of diseases are caused or complicated by stress.
  10. In 1953, racecar driver Tim Flock raced at Nascar with a monkey in the seat beside him.
  11. Taipan snakes have 50 times more toxic than a cobra snake.
  12. Influenza caused over twenty-one million deaths in 1918.
  13. English sailors were referred to as "limeys" because sailors added lime juice to their diet to combat scurvy.
  14. Ukrainian people celebrate Christmas on January 7th, which is the Orthodox Christmas Day.
  15. Gorillas are considered apes, not monkeys. The way to distinguish between an ape and a monkey is that apes do not have tails.
  16. Early Romans used to use porcupine quills as toothpicks.
  17. The longest human beard on record is 17.5 feet, held by Hans N. Langseth who was born in Norway in 1846.
  18. Honey is used sometimes for antifreeze mixtures and in the center of golf balls.
  19. The size of a raindrop is around 0.5 mm - 2.5 mm, and they fall from the sky on average 21 feet per second.
  20. In the United States, the first cookbook was published in 1796 and it contained a recipes for watermelon rind pickles.
  21. The word "walkman" was included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1986.
  22. A headache and inflammatory pain can be reduced by eating 20 tart cherries.
  23. There is an area located off the south-eastern Atlantic coast of the United States called the "Bermuda Triangle." It is known for a high rate of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft, which has led some people to believe that this triangle has supernatural powers.
  24. State with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska. with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: alaska. >
  25. Some toothpastes and deodorants contain the same chemicals found in antifreeze.
  26. The Shroud of Turin is the single most studied artifact in human history.
  27. Smartest dogs: 1) Scottish border collie; 2) Poodle; 3) Golden retriever. dogs: 1) scottish border collie; 2) poodle; 3) golden retriever. >
  28. The sperm count of an average American male compared to thirty years ago is down thirty percent.
  29. Humpback whales are capable of living up to 95 years.
  30. The 1912, a wrestling match in Stockholm between Finn Alfred Asikainen and Russian Martin Klein lasted more than 11 hours. Klein eventually won, but was to tired to participate in the championship match.
  31. Manitoulin Island is the largest island in a fresh water lake. It is located in Canadian Lake Superior.
  32. Cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400. of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400. >
  33. The Chinese politician Mao Zedong refused to ever brush his teeth and instead just washed his mouth with tea.
  34. The Super Bowl is broadcast to over 182 countries in the world.
  35. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.
  36. In 1884, Dr. Hervey D. Thatcher invented the milk bottle.
  37. Some Ribbon worm will eat themselves if they cannot find food. This type of worm can still survive after eating up to 95% of its body weight.
  38. The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable.".
  39. Singer Chaka Khan came out with a line of chocolates called "Chakalates.".
  40. In a day 34,000 children die every day from causes that are related to poverty and hunger .
  1. In 75% of American households, women manage the money and pay the bills.
  2. In a year, an average person uses the toilet 2500 times a year.
  3. A honey bee has four wings.
  4. The Bank of America was originally called the Bank of Italy until the founder, Amedeo Giannini, changed the name in 1930.
  5. Other than London, Liverpool is the most filmed British city, and was used to film more than 140 films in 2002.
  6. The body of the average baby is 75% water.
  7. A Chinese Scientist discovered that the Earth is round during the Han Dynasty by measuring the sun and moon’s path in the sky. He recorded this fact down in the imperial records but went unnoticed until it was unearthed recently but Chinese archaeologists.
  8. Each year, Americans throw away 25 trillion Styrofoam cups.
  9. There are more than 2,000 different varieties of cheese in the world.
  10. On average, Guinness sells 7 million glasses of beer a day.
  11. An artist from Chicago named Dwight Kalb created a statue of Madonna made out of 180 pounds of ham.
  12. Reports from owners of cats and dogs indicate that 21% of dogs and 7% of cats snore.
  13. The scarlet tanager, a songbird native to Illinois, can eat as many as 2,100 gypsy-moth caterpillars in one hour.
  14. To make one raindrop of water, it takes approximately a million cloud droplets.
  15. At 120 miles per hour, a Formula One car generates so much downforce that it can drive upside down on the roof of a tunnel.
  16. The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone which is located in the ear.
  17. India used to be the richest country in the world until the British invasion in the early 17th Century.
  18. The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer.
  19. Some African tribes refer to themselves as "motherhoods" instead of families.
  20. Between 1902 and 1907, the same tiger killed 434 people in India.
  21. The word vaccine comes from the Latin word "vacca," which means cow. This name was chosen beacause the first vaccination was derived from cowpox which was given to a boy.
  22. James Bond is also known as Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang.
  23. A snail can crawl across a razor blade without getting injured. This is possible because they excrete a slime that protects them.
  24. Behram, an Indian thug, holds the record for most murders by a single individual. He strangled 931 people between 1790-1840 with a piece of yellow and white cloth, called a ruhmal. The most murders by a woman are 612, by Countess Erzsebet Bathory of Hungary.
  25. Approximately 97.35618329% of all statistics are made up.

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