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Common Sense Test - Part 15 of General Knowledge Quiz

  1. An olive tree can live up to 1500 years.
  2. 96% of people put the peanut butter on first when making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  3. Scientists have actually performed brain surgery on cockroaches.
  4. Everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury.
  5. The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.
  6. By donating just one pint of blood, four lives can be saved.
  7. The biggest hamburger that was served was 8,266 pounds. It was made at the Burger Fest in Seymour, Wisconsin.
  8. The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
  9. Pilgrims did not eat potatoes for Thanksgiving as they thought they were poisonous.
  10. On average, a hen lays 300 eggs per year.
  11. BluBlocker sunglasses were developed with lenses that were used in the NASA space program for American astronauts.
  12. Pearls melt in vinegar.
  13. There are an estimated 2,500 collisions between birds and planes each year in the US.
  14. Richard Millhouse Nixon was the first US president whose name contains all the letters from the word "criminal." The second? William Jefferson Clinton.
  15. A chicken is 75% water.
  16. If you keep a Goldfish in the dark room, it will eventually turn white.
  17. During his lifetime, artist Vincent Van Gogh only sold one of his paintings (The Red Vineyard).
  18. Coffee has about five times the amount of caffeine as a can of Coke.
  19. It takes the Hubble telescope about 97 minutes to complete an orbit of the Earth. On average, the Hubble uses the equivilent amount of energy as 30 household lightbulbs to complete an orbit.
  20. Approximately 850 peanuts make a 18 oz jar of peanut butter.
  21. The age of a saguaro cactus is calculated by its height.
  22. The most expensive animated movie is "Prince of Egypt", which cost $70 million to make.
  23. Koalas sleep up to 19 hours a day.
  24. The oldest roller coaster in the world is the Leap-The-Dips roller coaster located in Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania. The roller coaster was built in 1902.
  25. There are three golf balls sitting on the moon.
  26. You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.
  27. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds.
  28. When Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle, it travels at a rate of 25 milesper year.
  29. The story of Mulan had been told in China for almost 1,500 years before Disney decided to make it into an animated movie.
  30. The name Santa Claus came from Saint Nicholas who was a bishop in the town of Myra, and was known to be very nice to children.
  31. Microsoft made $16,005 in revenue in its first year of operation.
  32. At the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, Walt Disney was head of the committee that organized the opening day ceremonies.
  33. No other animal gives us more by-products than the hog. These by-products include pig suede, buttons, glass, paint brushes, crayons, chalk, and insulation to name a few.
  34. The ruby red slippers in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" were sold off at an auction for $660,000.
  35. 40 percent of the almonds in the world are used by manufacturers of chocolate.
  1. It takes eight and a half minutes for light to get from the sun to earth.
  2. Olives, which grow on trees, were first cultivated 5,000 years ago in Syria.
  3. A person infected with the SARS virus, has a 95-98% chance of recovery.
  4. When explorers first arrived in Venezuela, they were reminded of Venice. They named the country "Little Venice", which translated into Spanish is Venezuela.
  5. Mr. Rogers is an ordained minister.
  6. Between 12%-15% of the population is left-handed.
  7. When a polar bear cub is born, it can not see or hear. It takes approximately a month for the cub to start to see and hear.
  8. Girls have more tastebud than boys.
  9. Dandelion root can be roasted and ground as a coffee substitute.
  10. Platypuses mate in the water.
  11. Julie Nixon, daughter of Richard Nixon married David Eisenhower, grandson of Dwight Eisenhower.
  12. The microwave oven was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.
  13. The candlefish is so oily that it was once burned for fuel.
  14. A flea can jump 150 times its size. That is the same as a person able to jump up 1,000 feet in the air.
  15. Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, once pinned an opponent using only a single finger.
  16. The game of squash originated in the United Kingdom. It came about after a few boys, who were waiting for their turn to play racquets, knocked a ball around in a confined area adjoining the racquets court.
  17. Coca-Cola was originally green.
  18. When opossums are playing ’possum, they are not "playing." Theyactually pass out from sheer terror.
  19. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.
  20. Lady Bugs really are not bugs. They are actually beetles and their correct name is The Ladybird Beetle.
  21. The name Reebok was named after the African Gazelle.
  22. The average human scalp has 100,000 hairs.
  23. New Jersey has a spoon museum that has over 5,400 spoons from across the world.
  24. Hydrogen is the most common atom in the universe.
  25. There is a town named Dildo in the province of Newfoundland, Canada.
  26. For every human in the world there are one million ants.
  27. The word "nerd" was first coined by Dr. Suess in the book "If I Ran to the Zoo.".
  28. The postage rate for a letter in 1693 was determined through how much light could pass through the letter. The postage rate would be more expensive if less light went through, and this process was called candling.
  29. The Sears Tower located in Chicago, Illinois is made up 76,000 tons of steel.
  30. Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots.
  31. There are more recreational golfers per capita in Canada than any other country in the world.
  32. Hitler and Napolean both had only one testical.
  33. The largest bill U.S. bill made is for $100,000.
  34. Playwright Shakespeare was only 18 years old when he married Ann Hathaway, who was 26 years old at the time.
  35. Wherever a person is standing in the state of Michigan in the United States, they are within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.
  36. It only takes a male horse 14 seconds to copulate.
  37. The driest place on earth is Calama, in the Atacama Desert in Chile.
  38. After being picked an orange cannot ripen.
  39. The stomach of an adult can hold 1.5 liters of material.
  40. On average, a whole chicken from the grocery store weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces.
  1. A galactic year is 250 million Earth-years. This is the time it takes for our solar system to make one revolution around the Milky Way Galaxy.
  2. Singer Paula Abdul used to be a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  3. Fossilized bird droppings are one of the chief exports of Nauru, an island nation in the Western Pacific.
  4. Water expands 9% when it is frozen.
  5. The first toilet tank ever seen on television was on Leave it to Beaver.
  6. The origin of apples traces back to the Middle East over 4,000 years ago.
  7. The colours yellow, red, and orange are used in fast food restaraunts because those are the colours that stimulate hunger.
  8. 99% of pumpkins that are sold are sold for decoration.
  9. On Sunday, December 7, 1941 at 7:55 AM, the attack on Pearl Harbor commenced. sunday, december 7, 1941 at 7:55 am, the attack on pearl harbor commenced. >
  10. If all the cars from the U.S. were taken and lined up from bumper to bumper, there would be enough cars to go to the moon from earth and back.
  11. The elephant is the national animal of Thailand.
  12. A Canadian Tour company offers a two-day course in igloo building.
  13. Dairy cows can produce 20 to 35 gallons of saliva a day.
  14. A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why.
  15. When the Pez mint dispenser was first introduced it was meant to replace the activity of smoking.
  16. Gardening is said to be one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy bones.
  17. The speed of sound must be exceeded to produce a sonic boom.
  18. A B-25 bomber airplane crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building on July 28, 1945.
  19. Over 600,000 people died as a result of the Spanish influenza epidemic.
  20. From all the vegetables, beets contain the most sugar.
  21. Smelling bananas can help a person lose weight.
  22. In Miami, Florida, roosting vultures have taken to snatching poodles from rooftop patios.
  23. Only female mosquitoes bite humans. Male mosquitoes live on natural liquids from plants and other resources.
  24. An estimated 690 million people live in Africa.
  25. The difference between horns and antlers is that horns never stop growing and antlers shed and grow every year.

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