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Business Quiz with Answers - Business Quiz Questions & answers

Question: What does BSA stand for as seen in BSA SLR cycles?

Answer: Birmingham Small Arms

Question: Which multinational owns the brands Georgia (Ice Coffee), and Aquaris (Isotanic drink)?

Answer: Coca Cola

Question: Who introduced the world’s first pocket tissue brand?

Answer: Kimberly-Klark under the name Kleenex

Question: Forbes once stated that "it has significantly positioned itself as a leader in blending under one roof both the machines that carry info/entertainment into homes and the entertainment/info itself. There are bigger companies on the hardware side and bigger companies on software side, but none has gone so far integrating the medium and the message". Name the Company?

Answer: Sony

Question: Name the Japan’s leading cosmetics company, founded by Yshin Fukuhara in 1872 in Tokyo’s Ginza district and the original inspiration came from the founder’s American visit?

Answer: Shiseido

Question: "To be success in business, be daring, be first, be different" is the guiding principle of which business woman?

Answer: Anita Roddick of The Bodyshop

Question: Who is known as the ’Father of Mustang’, a famous brand of car?

Answer: Lee Iacocca

Question: Which corporation was built by three youngsters Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper and Kushroo Dubash?

Answer: Blue Dart Express

Question: America’s first Insurance Company ’Philadelphia Contributionship’ was founded in 1752 by which famous personality?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

Question: If you have noticed the health drink advertisements or packs you may see the words RDA balanced formula. What does RDA stand for?

Answer: Recommended Dietary Allowance

Question: The two pioneers in their field were working within 50 kms and both produced a motorized vehicle in 1850’s. They never met each other but their companies merged after their death. Identify the duo?

Answer: Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz (Mercedes-Benz)

Question: United States Patent and Trademark Organization, popularly known as USPTO, was setup by the Congress in 1970. For whom did it issue the first patent right?

Answer: Samuel Hopkins for his process of Soap making

Question: With which famous brand would you associate The Spirit of Ecstasy?

Answer: Rolls Royce

Question: Which advertising personality first idealized the concept of virtual office?

Answer: Jay Chiat

Question: If you received an in-house journal named ’Docutalk’, then for which company you are working?

Answer: Xerox

Question: Which is the first business family in Asia to receive the Distinguished Family Business Award 2001 from IMD?

Answer: Murugappa Group

Question: Which famous corporate’s head quarters is known as ’Bush House’?

Answer: British Broadcasting Corporation

Question: It was founded in 1918 when the founder was just 23. The founder along with his wife and brother-in-law began the business and their first product is an attachment plug. This electrical/electronics giant imports batteries from India and another unique product it imports and distributes is the popular ’Famous Grouse’ Scotch whisky. Identify the company?

Answer: Matsushita

Question: Connect Vauxhall Victor, Morris Oxford and Hindustan Motors?

Answer: Contessa and Ambassador brand models of HM were adopted from Vauxhall Victor and Morris Oxford respectively.

Question: Which company holds the rights to manufacture the products under the brand name "Harry Potter" after its worldwide success?

Answer: Warner Brothers

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