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Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Lakes, Island - Quiz Questions & Answers

  1. How many rivers are there in Saudi Arabia?
  2. Which is the ‘largest gulf in the world’?
  3. Which is the World’s Warmest Sea?
  4. (a) Which is the ‘largest freshwater lake’ in the world?
    (b) Name the ‘largest salt lake’ in the world.
  5. One of the ‘world’s deepest sea-bed’ lies off the Pacific coast of Japan. What is it called?
  6. What name is given to the Group of seventeen Atolls 400 miles south-west of Sri Lanka?
  7. On which rivers are the following falls?
    (a) The Victoria Falls
    (b) The Stanley Falls
  8. The Murray is Australia’s greatest river. Where does it
    (a) rise
    (b) enter the sea
  9. Which two lakes form frontiers of Switzerland?
  10. What is the name of the ‘longest Spanish river’ flowing into the Mediterranean?
  11. State where the following island are located
    (a) New Guinea
    (b) Cuba
    (c) Java
  12. Into which sea or ocean do the following rivers flow?
    (a) Amazon
    (b) Nile
    (c) Indus
  13. Match the rivers with their towns:
    (a) Belgrade - Spree
    (b) Berlin - Danube
    (c) London - Darling
    (d) Sydney - Hudson
    (e) New York - Thames
  14. (a) In which country is the river Tagus?
    (b) On the banks of which river does ‘Shakespeare’s birth place’ stand?
  15. (a) On which river is the Aswan Dam?
    (b) On which river does Florence stand?
  16. (a) Into which sea does the river Volga flow?
    (b) Which capital city stands on the river Tiber?
  17. Name the mountain ranges, stretching for nearly 1000 miles, from the black Sea to the Caspian Sea.
  18. Arrange these oceans in the order of size: Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific. these oceans in the order of size: arctic, atlantic, indian, and pacific. >
  19. Name the five Great lakes.
  20. Name the four main islands of Japan.


  1. No rivers
  2. The Gulf of Mexico
  3. The Red Sea
  4. (a) Lake superior
    (b) The Caspian Sea
  5. The Tuskarova Deep
  6. The Maldives Islands
  7. (a) Zambezi
    (b) Congo
  8. (a) The Snowy Mountains
    (b) Encounter Bay, South Australia
  9. Lake Geneva and Lake Constance
  10. The Ebro
  11. (a) South-west Pacific
    (b) Caribbean Sea
    (c) Arabian Sea
  12. (a) Atlantic Ocean
    (b) Mediterranean Sea
    (c) Arabian Sea
  13. (a) Belgrade - Danube
    (b) Berlin - Spree
    (c) London - Thames
    (d) Sydney - Darling
    (e) New York - Hudson
  14. (a) Portugal
    (b) Avon
  15. (a) Nile
    (b) River Arno
  16. (a) Caspian Sea
    (b) Rome
  17. The Caucasus
  18. Pacific Ocean (64 million sq. miles); Atlantic Ocean (32 million sq. miles); Indian Ocean (28 million sq. miles); arctic Ocean (5 million sq. miles).
  19. Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario
  20. Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu

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