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Color Symphony - Quiz Questions with Answers

  1. Through which six countries does the “Blue Danube” flow?
  2. Which is the Red Planet?
  3. What four seas are named after colors?
  4. What is the color of mourning in China?
  5. Who was the artist who gave his name to a shade of red, often used to describe red hair?
  6. Which reptile is proverbially known for its power of changing color?
  7. What color are Siamese kittens at birth?
  8. What was the color of the boat of the owl and the pussy cat?
  9. A plant supplied the blue dye with which the Ancient Britons used to stain their bodies. What is its name?
  10. What is the name of the chemical substance which causes the green color of plants?
  11. What is the color of an Irish kilt?
  12. What do the terms signify?
    (a) white Collar
    (b) White Feather
  13. Who or what are “Blue Babies”?
  14. In which part of the world will you fine the highly-colored ‘Bird of Paradise’?
  15. What is meant by the following colorful phrases?
    (a) to paint the town red
    (b) a blue-blooded person
  16. What colours are the following gems:
    (a) topaz
    (b) garnet
    (c) sapphire
    (d) amethyst
  17. What are the three pigments responsible for the colour of a human being?
  18. What breed of dog has a blue tongue?
  19. Does the zebra have
    (a) black stripes on white, or
    (b) white stripes on black
  20. What was the original colour of post-boxes?


  1. Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania
  2. Mars
  3. White Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea and Yellow Sea
  4. White
  5. Titian
  6. The Chameleon
  7. White
  8. Pea-green
  9. Woad
  10. Chlorophyll
  11. Saffron
  12. (a) An office worker
    (b) Cowardice
  13. Babies born with defective hearts
  14. New Guinea and adjacent islands
  15. (a) to indulge in riotous revelry
    (b) an aristocrat
  16. (a) Yellow
    (b) dark red
    (c) blue
    (d) purple or violet
  17. Melanin, Carotene and Hemoglobin
  18. Chow
  19. Black stripes on white
  20. Green

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