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People and Races - Quiz Questions with Answers

See how much you know about people and races with this quiz. Answers are given at the bottom of the quiz.

  1. State who the following are:
    (a) Cossacks
    (b) Magyars
    (c) Hottentots
    (d) Bedouins
    (e) Moplahs
    (f) Sherpas
  2. (a) The ancestors of the modern Dutch in the Netherlands were 2 Germanic tribes. Who were they?
    (b) Who were the ancestors of the Norwegians?
  3. What is the name of the Science which traces the ’Origin and Distribution of Races’?
  4. Name the original inhabitants of:
    (a) Australia
    (b) India
    (c) New Zealand
  5. What is wrongly included in this list?
    Mayas, Mexicans, Mongols, Mohicans, Moluccas?
  6. Who speaks the following languages?
    (a) Yiddish
    (b) Mandarin
    (c) Creole
    (d) Swahili
    (e) Romany
  7. Which people use the following weapons?
    (a) Kris
    (b) Kukhri
    (c) Kirpan
    (d) Dirk
  8. Name the people who live in:
    (a) Adobe
    (b) Igloo
    (c) Tepee
    (d) Konah
    (e) Croft
  9. From which two countries do Tyroleans come?
  10. In which continent would you find half the world’s population?
  11. Where do Calypsos and Steel Bands come from?
  12. Which ancient people called them "Children of the Sun"?
  13. The men of which tribe wear a veil, but not the women?
  14. (a) What is the name of the curved weapon used by Australian aborigines?
    (b) What is the name of the spear used by the Masai warriors of Africa?
  15. A Monegasque is a native of which small European principality?
  16. In which country are the following eaten?
    (a) Haggis
    (b) Apfelstrudel
    (c) Dhansak
  17. Who were the aboriginal people of Borneo who were formerly head-hunters?
  18. In which country is tea-drinking a ceremonial ritual?
  19. A cave-dweller, a kind of ape, and a hermit can all be expressed by one word. What is it?
  20. Where did the following dances come from?
    (a) Flamenco
    (b) Bhangra
    (c) Tango
    (d) Mambo
    (e) Hora
    (f) Jig


  1. (a) Tribes inhabiting the eastern and southern frontiers of Russia
    (b) The Hungarian race
    (c) Negroes of South Central Africa
    (d) Wandering tribes of Arabia and North Africa
    (e) Muslims of the Malabar region of Kerala
    (f) A hardy tribe of Nepal and Tibet
  2. (a) The Batavians and the Frisians who migrated to the Rhine Delta
    (b) The Vikings
  3. Ethnology
  4. (a) Aborigines
    (b) Dravidians
    (c) Maoris
  5. All are people, except Moluccas which is group of islands
  6. (a) Jews
    (b) Chinese
    (c) People of Haiti
    (d) People of Kenya
    (e) Gypsies
  7. (a) Malays
    (b) Gurkhas
    (c) Sikhs
    (d) Scottish Highlanders
  8. (a) Mexicans
    (b) Eskimos
    (c) Red Indians
    (d) Turks
    (e) Scottish Highlanders
  9. Austria and Italy
  10. Asia
  11. West Indies
  12. The Incas
  13. The Tuaregs of North Africa
  14. (a) Boomerang
    (b) Assegai
  15. Monaco
  16. (a) Scotland
    (b) Austria
    (c) India
  17. The Dyaks
  18. Japan
  19. A troglodyte
  20. (a) Spain
    (b) India
    (c) Argentina
    (d) Cuba
    (e) Israel
    (f) Ireland

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