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Digital Tools by Government of India in response to COVID-19

Aarogya Setu App

  • The Aarogya Setu App enables people to assess themselves the risk for their catching the coronavirus infection.
  • It calculates this based on people's interaction with others, using cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.
  • Once installed in a smartphone through an easy and user-friendly process, the app detects other devices with Aarogya Setu installed that come in the proximity of that phone.
  • The App can then calculate the risk of infection based on sophisticated parameters if any of these contacts are tested positive.


  • The Government of India has launched a WhatsApp chatbot so that the citizens can get instant and authentic answers to all of their queries related to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Users have to drop a "Hi" on the number +91-9013151515 or can call on the MyGov Corona Helpdesk to get answers to pertinent queries such as the symptoms of the deadly disease, nearest COVID-19 testing facility.

Corona Kavach

  • It is a COVID-19 tracker application, created by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • This application provides users with realtime location of infected users who have activated the ‗Kavach‘ feature.

COVID-19 Feedback

  • This application has been developed by the centre to get direct feedback from people who have undergone coronavirus treatment in the country.

COVID-19 National Helpline

  • A 24x7 National Helpline number +91-11-23978046 and toll-free number 1075 have been launched where people can access corona related information by the government.
  • Also, the centre has an e-mail id to attend to queries of people related to the disease.


  • Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed an app called ‘SAMPRAC’ to enable tracking people under quarantine.
  • It is a software that includes an app that can be installed on the smartphones of the infected COVID-19 patients.
  • It is a server-side application that is used by the state authorities to track the patients.
  • The system enables geofencing, AI-based automated face recognition (between selfie taken during registration and subsequent selfies sent by the patient), and would have the capability to display the information to the state officials on a map which can be color-coded to depict hotspots and containment zones.


  • The Survey of India (SoI) has developed an e-platform that collects geotagged information on the nation‘s critical infrastructure in order to help the government and public health agencies take critical decisions in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.
  • The platform has geo-located information of hospitals, testing labs, quarantine camps, containment, and buffer zones as well as information on biomedical waste disposal sites.
  • The mobile-based application, called SAHYOG, works as a key tool in helping community workers carry out the government‘s objectives of door-to-door surveys, contact tracing, deliveries of essentials items, and create focused public awareness campaigns.

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