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General Knowledge Questions and Answers - Part 3

General Knowledge StudentThis quiz is 3rd part of our general knowledge questions and answers series. During the course of our lives, countless snippets of information are stored in the brain: some useful, others merely of interest. This collection of general knowledge quiz questions tests your knowledge ofthe world and beyond. Each round contains many useful general knowledge questions with answers and you may be astounded at just what you have picked up over the years! If you’re looking for something to stimulate your mind and provide hours of enjoyment, look no further. This General Knowledge Quiz is sure to test even the most seasoned of trivia buffs.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

No. General Knowledge Question Answer
1. Which strait separates the North and South islands of New Zealand? Cook Strait
2. In which city is the Doge’s Palace? Venice
3. Who plays Johnny Depp’s uncle in the 1993 flm Arizona Dream? Jim Carrey
4. Which New Zealand golfer won the 2000 Australian Masters in Melbourne? Michael Campbell
5. Which continent has the larger land mass: Africa or North America? Africa
6. Aston, Aston, Rizzo, Stevenson, Gilvear: which 1980s group? Gene Loves Jezebel
7. What name is given to the art of preparing, stuffng and mounting the skins of animals to make lifelike models? Taxidermy
8. Which artist was appointed court painter to Charles IV of Spain in 1786? Goya
9. The name of which Roman god means ‘shining father’ in Latin? Jupiter
10. What is the name of the dog in Punch and Judy shows? Toby
11. What was the name of the Addams Family butler? Lurch
12. Who directed the 1995 flm Heat, which starred Al Pacino? Michael Mann
13. Which theoretical temperature corresponds to minus 273.15 degrees on the Celsius scale? Absolute zero
14. Which seven-a-side ball game is played in a swimming pool? Water polo
15. Which Roman Catholic organization takes its name from the Latin for ‘God’s work’? Opus Dei
16. Bamboozled is a flm by which controversial US director? Spike Lee
17. Which word meaning ‘rebirth’ describes the period in European history which began in the 14th century? Renaissance
18. Who starred opposite Pierce Brosnan in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair? Rene Russo
19. Of which French overseas region in South America is Cayenne the capital? French Guiana
20. In which year did David Koresh and the Branch Davidians Christian cult hold a siege in Waco, Texas?


21. Who wrote Bleak House? Charles Dickens
22. Which actor’s real name was Marion Michael Morrison? John Wayne
23. What would a costermonger sell? Fruits & Vegetables
24. Which actress played the title role in the flm adaptation of Bridget Jones’s Diary? Renee Zellweger
25. ‘George’ is an informal name for which feature of an aircraft? Automatic Pilot
26. Who wrote The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner? Alan Sillitoe
27. How is Sarah Michelle Gellar better known to millions? Buffy
28. Ganymede is a satellite of which planet? Jupiter
29. What nationality was the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Austrian
30. For which element is Co the chemical symbol? Cobalt
31. The German port of Hamburg lies near the mouth of which major European river? Elbe
32. In Arctic regions, what kind of features are sastrugi? Wind-formed patterns in ice and snow
33. In the Americas, what is a mesa? Flat-topped mountain
34. Which city was the frst in the world to have a population of more than one million? London (circa 1811)
35. The Taj Mahal is located near to which Indian city? 5 Agra
36. St Michael’s Mount lies off the coast of which English county? Cornwall
37. To where would you have to travel in order to stand by the Marsh of Decay? Moon
38. What is the English name for the Bayern region of Germany? Bavaria
39. In Lord of the Rings, what was the name of Gandalf’s white horse? Shadowfax
40. Which famous Nazi-hunter died in Vienna in 2005, aged 96? Simon Wiesenthal
41. The 1956 film ’Reach for the Sky’ is based on whose life story? Douglas Bader
42. Who voiced Stinky Pete in the flm ’Toy Story 2’? Kelsey Grammer
43. How many times did Bobby Jones win the US Amateur Championship in golf? Five
44. In which sport is the ’Conn Smythe Trophy’ awarded? Ice hockey
45. Which female singer recorded the 2001 album Read My Lips? Sophie Ellis Bextor
46. Which singer recorded the 2000 album ’Holy Wood’ (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)? Marilyn Manson
47. Which was the frst element to be created artifcially? Technetium
48. In which European capital city is the Institut Pasteur based? Paris
49. Which condition does the acronym AIDS stand for? Acquired Immune Defciency Syndrome
50. In computing, what does ISDN stand for? Integrated Services Digital Network

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