10 Most Famous Indian Personalities In History

The term "Indian" may relate to a member of the native, indigenous or aboriginal Americans commonly referred to "Red Indians" and also to the "West Indians" or the "Indian Indians". An assumption is that on visiting the East Indies, Columbus called its inhabitants as "Indios." A root of "Indians" is Hindu literally meaning "black," but mainly standing for the Hindu religion. From it has been coined "Hindustan" which is another name for "India". It is not known exactly if the great River Indus has something to do with the name "India". By far the most commonly understood meaning of "Indians" is the inhabitants of the subcontinent of India before 1947 and the citizens of the State of India after it. It is in this perspective that "Famous Indians of India" in history will be reviewed.

1. Chanakya

Chanakya was born to Canin and Canesvari in the village Canaka in 350 BC. He was the teacher of Chandargupta, the first Emperor of Maurya. In the recorded history of the subcontinent, he was the emperor of entire kingdom. Known also as Kautilya and Vishnu Gupta, Chanakya wrote the oldest Indian book on politics called "Arthsastra". Although he was born centuries before Machiavelli, but on account of his thoughts, he is sometimes referred to as the Indian Machiavelli. Having first been taught at Taksasila, Chanakya taught in the same five centuries old academy. His book Arthasastra was related to economics, welfare, international relations, and war strategies. In another book Neetisastra he enlightened on the social aspects of the Indian lifestyle and also extended some guidance for the rulers. He wrote 216 "Neeti Sutras" as do

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