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Parliament Name of Different Countries

Here is the list of some famous countries along with their parliament’s names. Every country has it’s own name for its parliament and it is a very important topic for various competitive exams. So, in this article, we will read about parliament names of various countries.

Country Parliament Name
Afghanistan Shora
Andorra General Council
Albania People’s Assembly
Azerbaijan Melli Majlis
Algeria National People’s Assembly
Angola National People’s Assembly
Argentina National Congress
Australia Federal Parliament
Austria National Assembly
Bahamas General Assembly
Bahrain Consultative Council
Bangladesh Jatiya Sansad
Belize National Assembly
Bhutan Tsogdu
Bolivia National Congress
Brazil National Congress
Brunei National Assembly
Botswana National Assembly
Britain Parliment (House of Common’s and House of Lords)
Bulgaria Narodno Subranie.
Cambodia National Assembly
Congo Democratic Rep. of National Legislative Council
Colombia Congress
Canada Parliament
China National People’s Assembly
Chile Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Comoros Legislative Council and Senate
Costa Rice Legislative Council and Senate
Crotia Sabor
Cuba National Assembly of People’s Power
Czech Republic Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Denmark Folketing
Ecuador Natinal Congress
El Salvador Legislative Assembly
East Timor Constituent Assembly
Ethiopia Federal Council and House of Representative
Egypt People’s Assembly
Fiji Islands Senate & House of Representative
France National Assembly
Finland Eduskusta (Parliament)
Germany Bundestag (Lower House) and Bundesrat (Upper House)
Guyana National Assembly
Greece Chamber of Deputies
Hungry National Assembly
Iceland Althing
India Sansad
Indonesia People’s Consultative Assembly
Iran Majlis
Iraq National Assembly
Israel Knesset
Italy Chamber of Deputies and Senate
Japan Diet
Jordan National Assembly
Korea(North) Supreme People’s Assembly
Korea(South) National Assembly
Kuwait National Assembly
Laos People’s Supreme Assembly
Labanon National Assembly
Lesotho National Assembly and Senate
Lithuania Seimas
Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies
Libya General People’s Congress
Malaysia Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara
Maldives Majlis
Madagascar National People’s Assembly
Mongolia Great People’s Khural
Montenegro Federal Assembly
Mozambique People’s Assembly
Myanmar Pyithu Hluttaw
Nepal Rashtriya Panchayat
Netherlands The Staten General
New Zealand Parliament (House of Representative)
Oman Monarchy
Pakistan National Assembly & Senate
Paraguay Senate & Chamber of Deputies
Philippines The Congress
Papua New Guinea National Parliament
Poland Sejm
Romania Great National Assembly
Russia Duma & Federal Council
Serbia Federal Assembly
Senegal National Assembly
Seychelles People’s Assembly
South Africa Rep. House of Assembly
Spain Cortes
Sweden Riksdag
Saudi Arabia Majlis Al Shura
Sudan Majlis Watani
Switzerland Federal Assembly
Syria People’s Council
Turkey Grand National Assembly
USA Congress
Vietnam National Assembly
Venezuela National Congress
Zambia National Assembly

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