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General Knowledge Questions and Answers

We have gathered some of the general knowledge questions and answers for you to test your knowledge. The list will be updated soon with more general knowledge question answers. These general knowledge quiz questions are fun and free for everyone to try. You can test your general knowledge now by trying to answer them.

General Knowledge Here is a general knowledge test for you. From school quiz competitions, to the pub, to office league competitions, general knowledge quizzes have always been a popular means of entertainment plus information. So much so that general knowledge quiz shows have been a staple of television since the days of Mastermind, Ask The Family, and the prime time favorite, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". So, if you are one of those persons who love collecting general knowledge questions and answers to win in contests and to prove your intellectual supremacy, here are a few interesting ones:

General Knowledge Questions

The answers to these general knowledge questions are given below.

  1. Which metal is heavier, silver or gold?
  2. How many legs do butterflies have?
  3. Which is the country with the most people?
  4. Which state is the biggest in the US?
  5. Which country has the largest area of land?
  6. Which is the country hosting the 2008 Olympic Games?
  7. Which indoor sport is the most popular in the US?
  8. Which golf player's mother is from Thailand?
  9. What is Aurora Borealis commonly known as?
  10. Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world?
  11. Which was the album the Beatles recorded the last time together?
  12. Which instrument did Miles Davis, the jazz musician, play?
  13. What is the sport in which you could get into a headlock?
  14. In which country was golf first played?
  15. Which is the sport where you could be out 'leg before wicket' or 'hit a six'?
  16. When did baseball originate in the US?
  17. Which is the sport wherein you would use a 'sand iron'?
  18. What is the largest mammal in the world?
  19. Which is the country where reggae music originated?
  20. Who was the creator of Jeeves and Wooster?
  21. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
  22. Who was the writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
  23. After which famous person was the teddy bear named?
  24. Which is the smallest ocean in the world?
  25. What material is a rhino's horn made of?
  26. You see Google logo almost every day, right? Let's see how well you remember. Which is the correct Google Logo among the 6 designs shown below? Answer this question without opening Google or other related Google services.

Google Logo Question

General Knowledge Questions - Answers

  1. Gold
  2. Six
  3. China
  4. Alaska
  5. Russia
  6. China
  7. Basketball
  8. Tiger Woods
  9. Northern Lights
  10. Tooth Decay
  11. Abbey Road
  12. Trumpet
  13. Wrestling
  14. Scotland
  15. Cricket
  16. 19th Century
  17. Golf
  18. Blue Whale
  19. Jamaica
  20. P.G. Wodehouse
  21. Michelangelo
  22. Lewis Carroll
  23. Theodore Roosevelt
  24. Arctic Ocean
  25. Hair
  26. Number 2 is correct design of Google's Logo.

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