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Business Quiz Questions and Answers - Business Quiz Part 6

This is 6th part of the quiz series of business questions & answers. These are all the business quiz questions added so far with answers. This business quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the international business brands, taglines of multinational companies, airlines & different countries. It is a very nice collection of business quiz questions with answers. If you have more questions and answers to be added to this business quiz, then you are most welcome to share them in your comments.

Business Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 6

Question: Which company invented the computer floppy disc in 1970?
Answer: IBM

Question: What was the surname of the French brothers who founded a tyre company in 1888.
Answer: Michelin

Question: Who are the engine suppliers for the ’Williams’ formula 1 team?
Answer: BMW

Question: Who had Skytrain printed on the side of his aircraft?
Answer: Sir Freddy Laker

Question: What is an assembly of Cardinals called?
Answer: Conclave

Question: Which company’s name is short for Durability, Reliability and excellence?
Answer: Durex

Question: The imprisonment of Nick Leeson followed the collapse of which bank?
Answer: Barings

Question: Which American car firm made the Corvette?
Answer: Chevrolet

Question: What did Albert Parkhouse invent that is one of the most stolen items from hotels?
Answer: Coat hanger

Question: What is the name of Microsoft’s free e-mail service?
Answer: Hotmail (not Outlook; that is software to collect any Email)

Question: What was the name of the restaurant chain opened by Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Swartzeneger?
Answer: Planet Hollywood

Question: Which is the World’s most popular brand of cigarette?
Answer: Marlboro

Question: Which mobile phone company shares its name with a fruit (it’s Australian)?
Answer: Orange

Question: Who was responsible for bringing down Barings Bank?
Answer: Nick Leeson

Question: Who invented the lift/elevator in 1853?
Answer: Elisha Otis

Question: What is the metal or plastic end of a shoelace called?
Answer: An aglet

Question: P&O, the shipping line, stands for what?
Answer: Peninsular and Oriental

Question: Which country is home to Grolsch lager?
Answer: Holland (The Netherlands)

Question: Ron Dennis has been the manager for many years of the team behind which Formula One motor racing car?
Answer: McLaren

Question: In 1996 what overtook Coca-Cola as being the most well known brand name in the world?
Answer: McDonalds

Question: In the USA what name was given to a seller of illegal alcohol?
Answer: Bootlegger

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