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Business Quiz (Part 5) - Business Quiz Questions and Answers

This is 5th part of the business quiz series of business questions and answers. These are all the business quiz questions added so far with answers. This business quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the international business brands, taglines of multinational companies, airlines & different countries. It is a very nice collection of business quiz questions & answers. If you have more questions and answers to be added to this business quiz, then you are most welcome to share them in your comments.

Business Quiz Questions and Answers (Part 5)

Question: Which company built the WW2 Spitfire?

Answer: Supermarine. The fighter pilots of Britain’s RAF won the Battle of Britain in 1940 by a narrow margin. The quality of their solidly built Hawker Hurricane and speedy Supermarine Spitfire interceptors was one vital factor.

Question: It is made from thermo-plastic paper and the manilla hemp used to make rope, it is designed to withstand boiling water, what is it?

Answer: A teabag

Question: Two South American countries were members of OPEC (the organisation of petroleum exporting countries). Venezuela is still one. What was the other?

Answer: Ecuador (they joined in 1973 and left in 1992).

Question: What colour is the M on the Mcdonald’s logo?

Answer: Yellow

Question: Which popular children’s toy originated as a weapon and was once known as the bandalore?

Answer: Yo-Yo

Question: What name is California’s Santa Clara County, the heartland of the US Computer Industry, more commonly called?

Answer: Silicon valley

Question: Which two airlines have gone into partnership to become the largest airline in Europe?

Answer: Air France and KLM

Question: What was Mr. Ferrari’s first name?

Answer: Enzo

Question: Which Airline owned the Plane that blew up over Lockerbie in 1988?

Answer: Pan Am. On December 21 a terrorist bomb exploded in a Pan-Am aircraft flying from Frankfurt to New York, via London.

Question: Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha or YKK for short appears on nearly every what?

Answer: Zip

Question: What is the name of the railway that was opened in 1901 and runs from Moscow to Vladisvostok?

Answer: Trans-Siberian Railway

Question: Which company owned the ill-fated Titanic?

Answer: White Star line

Question: Which car manufacture makes the engine for the Mclaren F1 team?

Answer: Mercedes Benz

Question: Which country does Red Stripe lager come from?

Answer: Jamaica

Question: Vespa and Lambretta are famous manufacturers of what?

Answer: Scooters

Question: Which formula one driver is the owner of the luxurious Columbus Hotel in Monaco?

Answer: David Coulthard

Question: Which vehicle did J C Bamford give his name to?

Answer: JCB digger

Question: What did Harry Beck design in 1931 which is still used in London today?

Answer: The map of the London Tube system (the Underground)

Question: Founded in Canada in 1971, and now with its headquarters in Amsterdam, what was the original aim of the environmental organization Greenpeace?

Answer: To oppose U.S. nuclear testing in Alaska

Question: Which cosmetics and perfume company was originally named The California Perfume Co?

Answer: Avon

Question: What make and model of car was John F Kennedy in when assassinated in 1963?

Answer: Lincoln Continental

Question: The world’s largest Mobile Phone maker is based in which country?

Answer: Finland, it’s Nokia.

Question: Who devised the Package Tour?

Answer: Thomas Cook. He ran a successful travel agency in the 19th century. It began after he led a temperance group on a guided train ride from Leicester to Loughborough.

Question: What did Earl W Tupper invent in 1944?

Answer: Tupperware

  1. I like all of these business quiz questions.

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