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Popular Inventions - Quiz Questions & Answers

  1. Which Italian inventor succeeded in transmitting wireless waves over long distances for the first time?
  2. Who set up the first English printing press?
  3. Galileo Galilee has two famous inventions to his credit. What are they?
  4. Four inventions that were to change the history of the world came from China. What were they?
  5. Which great painter of the Renaissance was also a famous inventor?
  6. This great American has patented the most inventions, the most illuminating being the incandescent electric bulb, the phonograph and the motion-picture projector. Who was he?
  7. Match the following with their inventors:
    (a) Sir James Dewar Telephone
    (b) Alfred Nobel Dynamo
    (c) Alexander Graham Bell Thermos Flask
    (d) Michael Faraday Dynamite
    (e) William Sholes Photography
    (f) Louis Daguerre Typewriter
  8. Name the inventors of the following:
    (a) fountain-pen
    (b) ball-point pen
  9. Elias Howe made the first sewing Machine. Who improved it?
  10. Who invented the Computer?
  11. Who is credited with the invention of the magnifying glass?
  12. For what invention are the following noted:
    (a) Alastair Pilkington
    (b) Henry Bessemer
    (c) E.G. Otis
  13. What did Alessandro Volta invent in 1800?
  14. What was invented solely for the use of King Louis XIV of France?
  15. Who invented these articles of everyday use:
    (a) Safety razor
    (b) Ironing board
    (c) Friction Matches
    (d) Video-tape recorder
  16. In 1760, an Englishman, John Spilsbury invented popular game. What was it?
  17. For what invention is Sir Humphry Davy famous?
  18. Who invented Xerography (instant copying)?
  19. Which famous Science Fiction writer first suggested it? “The invention of satellites as a mean of communication.”
  20. Who produced the first really useful TV system?

Answers of Popular Inventions Quiz Questions

  1. Marconi
  2. William Caxton
  3. The Thermometer and the Telescope
  4. Paper, Printing, Gunpowder and the Magnetic compass
  5. Leonardo da Vinci
  6. Thomas Alva Edison
  7. (a) Sir James Dewar - Thermos flask
    (b) Alfred Nobel - Dynamite
    (c) Alexander Graham Bell - Telephone
    (d) Michael Faraday - Dynamo
    (e) William Sholes - Typewriter
    (f) Louis Daguerre - Photography
  8. (a) Lewis Waterman
    (b) Lazlo Biro
  9. Isaac Singer
  10. Vannevar Bush invented the Analog Computer in 1930; Howard Aiken invented the Digital Computer in 1944.
  11. Roger Bacon
  12. (a) Glass
    (b) Steel
    (c) Lifts
  13. The Electric Battery
  14. The lift or Elevator
  15. (a) Gillette in 1901
    (b) Sarah Boone in 1892
    (c) John Walker in 1827
    (d) Charles P. Ginsberg, Shelby Anderson Jr. and Ray Dolby in 1960
  16. The Jigsaw puzzle
  17. The safety lamp for miners
  18. Chester Carbon in 1938
  19. Arthur C. Clarke
  20. J. L. Baird

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