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Great Reformers - Quiz Questions and Answers

See how much you know about great reformers with this quiz. Answers are given at the bottom of the quiz.

Great Reformers Quiz Questions

  1. Which famous writer left money to reform the alphabet?
  2. Who established the International Red Cross?
  3. Which Italian reformer has given her name to a system of educating young children?
  4. Which American multi-millionaire gave much of his money to benefit public libraries?
  5. Which Biblical scholar and organist became a ’Medical Missionary in Africa’?
  6. Who was the Indian social reformer who waged war against the “Sati” system, child marriage and founded the Brahmo Samaj? Who was the Governor-General of India at the time that supported these reforms?
  7. Who was responsible for performing ’most eye operation in a day’ in India?
  8. Which English car manufacturer has given the fortune to help medical research?
  9. This great Indian social worker, who won the Ramon Magsaysay Award, started a colony for lepers called Anand Van.
  10. Who was responsible for introducing the penny post?
  11. Who was the German reformer who led the Religious Reformation and established Protestantism in Europe in the 16 th Century?
  12. The horrors of the Crimean War of 1854 led this famous lady to reform hospital conditions for the wounded and organize a woman’s nursing service.
  13. Name the Australian nurse who achieved fame through her revolutionary methods of treating polio.
  14. This President was instrumental in abolishing slavery in the U.S.A.
  15. Of which lady missionary in Africa was it said at her death that “Ma, the mother of us all, is dead”?
  16. This Albanian Nun founded the Missionaries of Charity in India in 1948 and worked among the “poorest of the poor”.
  17. This German social reformer is called the “Father of communism’.
  18. Which author wrote a novel to help the agitation which stopped young boys from having to climb chimneys?
  19. Which famous woman was known for her Prison Reforms?
  20. This great Indian reformer championed the cause of Harijans whom they called “The children of God”.


  1. George Bernard Shaw
  2. Henry Dunant, the Swiss humanitarian, after the battle of Solferino in 1859.
  3. Maria Montessori
  4. Andrew Carnegie
  5. Dr. Albert Schweitzer
  6. Raja Ram Mohan Roy; Lord William Bentinck was the Governor-General at the time.
  7. Dr. Murugappa Chennaveerappa Modi
  8. Lord Nuffield
  9. Devidas Muralidhar Amte, Popularly known as “Baba Amte”
  10. Sir Rowland Hill in 1840
  11. Martin Luther (1483-1506)
  12. Florence Nightingale
  13. Sister Elizabeth Kenny
  14. Abraham Lincoln, the 16 th President of the U.S.A.
  15. Mary Slessor
  16. Mother Teresa
  17. Karl Marx
  18. Rev. Charles Kingsley, “The Water Babies”
  19. Elizabeth Fry
  20. Mahatma Gandhi

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