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Transport and Travel - Quiz Qustions & Answers

Who would ride in the following? (a) Kayak (b) Dhow (c) Gondola (d) Junk (a) Who were the first men to fly in a balloon? (b) Who were the first men to fly in a powered aircraft? Which Hindu God’s name is now used to describe a large heavy... Read More

Insects & Living Beings Quiz - Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

Test your knowledge with this quiz about Insects and other Living Beings for kids and see how much do you know about common insects. This fun quiz will not only judge how good a child is at quizzing but also improve his knowledge of insects. Enjoy... Read More

Famous Battles and Generals - Quiz Questions with Answers

Which enemy did Drake refuse to fight until he had finished his game of bowls? “The boy stood on the burning deck” – in which battle and on which ship was he? Which famous German Battleship was destroyed in the North Atlantic in May 1941? (a)... Read More

Popular Inventions - Quiz Questions & Answers

Which Italian inventor succeeded in transmitting wireless waves over long distances for the first time? Who set up the first English printing press? Galileo Galilee has two famous inventions to his credit. What are they? Four... Read More

Indian Banking Quiz - Quiz Questions about Banks in India

Here are some banking quiz questions with answers to check your general knowledge about banks in India. What was established in Kolkata on 1st April 1935 in accordance with the provision of an act of the same name passed in 1934? The Reserve... Read More

Human Body Quiz - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

See how much you know about the human body with this quiz comprising of multiple-choice questions and answers about the human body and its various organs. Human Body Quiz Questions 1. Which of the following organs does not take part in breathing? ... Read More

Famous Personalities - Quiz Questions and Answers

(a) Which Chinese leader was famous for his “Little Red Book”? (b) What was the real name of Confucius? (a) Dag Hammarskjold, U Thant, Kurt Waldheim-have all held which office? (b) Which American Began manufacturing cars in Detroit? (a) Which... Read More

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