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KBC 5 Questions with Answers (Episode 1) - KBC Quiz

The 5th edition of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC 5), the most popular TV quiz game show in India, was started by Sony TV on the occasion of 64th Independence Day i.e 15th August 2011. Amitabh Bachchan is hosting this popular quiz game show. KBC 2011 will run 56 episodes i.e. from August 15 to November 30, 2011. The show would be aired on Sony TV from 8:30 PM to 10 PM (Monday to Thursday). Cadbury and Idea are the main sponsors of KBC 5. All winners of KBC quiz will need to pay 31% tax on their income from KBC 5.

KBC 5 Quiz Questions & Answers (Episode 1)

Here is the list of all questions and answers from the first episode of KBC (Season 5)

1. Fastest finger question: Arrange the following words in the line of a patriotic song?

(a) Jahaan (b) Saare (c) Se (d) Achcha

Ans: Saare Jahaan Se Achcha. Delhi based Virendar Pal Singh won the fastest finger round by answering it in just 2.3 seconds.

Rs. 5,000 question: Complete the following Hindi proverb - Mann Changa Toh Kathoti Mein ______.

Answer: Ganga

Rs. 10,000 question: Which of the following beauty queens may also be identified as Mrs. Mahesh Bhupathi?

Answer: Lara Dutta

Rs. 20,000 question: Who is the author of this "Doha", ’Aisi bani boliye, Man ka aapa khoye, Auran ko sital kare, Aaphun sital hoye’?

Answer: Kabir

Rs. 40,000 question: The song ’Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra’ is from which hindi film?

Answer: Kashmir Ki Kali

Rs. 80,000 question: According to the constitution of India, which of the following has power to remit the death sentence?

Answer: President

Rs. 1.6 lakh question: Ukraine born Yuri Ogorodnik has coached Indian national team in which sport?

Answer: Athletics

Rs. 3.2 lakh question: Shatabdi Express train was given that name to commemorate the birth centenary of which personality?

Answer: Jawahar Lal Nehru

Rs 6.4 lakh question: Whose first names are Kisan Baburao?

Answer: Anna Hazare.

Contestant Virendar Pal Singh quitted at this stage without taking Rs. 6.4 lakh challenge. He got 3.2 lakh cheque.

Second KBC Quiz Contestant: Archana Goswani (Varanasi)

Rs. 5,000 question: Which of these proverbs has the same meaning as ’Aankhe char hona’?

Answer: Aankh Milna

Rs. 10,000 question: According to Mahabharata, who protected Draupadi’s honour during ’Chir Haran’?

Answer: Krishna

Rs. 20,000 question: The titles of all the 12 films directed by Rakesh Roshan begin with what letter of English alphabet?

Answer: K

Rs. 40,000 question: According to the constitution of India, what role does Attorney General fulfil for the Government of India?

Answer: Legal Advisor

Rs. 80,000 question: Identify the sportsman from his voice in this audio clip?

Answer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Rs. 1.6 lakh question: Prince Williams and Kate Middleton belong to the Royal family of which country?

Answer: UK

Rs. 3.2 lakh question: Who is the music composer of the song ’Dhinka Chika’ from the film Ready?

Answer: Devi Sri Prasad

KBC Contestant Archana Goswami used a life line but still gave wrong answer and was out of the quiz game show without taking any prize money.

Courtesy: Sony TV

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