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Football Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 3

59. When was football included in the Olympics?
Answer: 1908, London

60. Who won the Olympic gold in 1908?
Answer: U.K.

61. Which country won the Olympic football title at Seoul in 1988?
Answer: U.S.S.R. (Russia)

62. Who have been twice runners-up of football at the Olympics games in 1984 and 1988?
Answer: Brazil

63. Before the year 1937, a football was lighter than the one used subsequently. What is the weight difference?
Answer: Before 1937, 13-15 oz (368-425 gm). After 1937, 14-16 oz (397-454 gm)

64. Can you recall the air crash in Italy which killed all on board including the players of a champion football club? Give the year and the name of the club?
Answer: 1949, Torino, the Italian champion side

65. In 1958 another air crash killed eight top payers of a famous English football club. Which club?
Answer: Manchester United, at Munich

66. Tragedies resulting in spectator deaths are not uncommon in Football. Which was the first such tragedy which killed 25 in the U.K.
Answer: 1902, Ibrox Park, terrace collapse in a match between England and Scotland

67. Who was the first football player to play a century of International?
Answer: Billy Wright (England) played his 100th in 1959. He retired from the game after playing another 5 matches.

68. Which was the first team to do the double of winning both the League and the Cup in British Football?
Answer: Tottenham Hotspur in 1961

69. Who was the first footballer to be knighted?
Answer: Sir Stanley Matthews in 1965

70. Who was the first footballer involved in a 1 million pounds transfer?
Answer: Johan Cruyff from Ajax to Barcelona in 1973

71. When and where was the first World Youth Cup Football tournament held?
Answer: 1977, Tunisia

72. Which country won in the inaugural year of World Youth Cup Football tournament?
Answer: U.S.S.R. (Russia)

73. Where and when was the second World Youth Cup held?
Answer: 1979, Japan

74. Which country won the second World Youth Cup?
Answer: Argentina

75. Which soccer tragedy resulted in the banning of the English Clubs from European competitions?
Answer: 1985 at the Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium, where 39 died and 437 were injured as a result of rioting by supporters of Liverpool in the European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus.

76. In the mid-thirties Mohammedan Sporting won the Calcutta League 5 time in row. Which club bettered this record in 1970-76?
Answer: East Bengal

77. Gostho Pal was the captain of which club in Calcutta?
Answer: Mohun Bagan

78. Who captained Mohun Bagan when they won the I.F.A. Shield for the first time in 1911?
Answer: S. Bhaduri

79. Which Asian Games saw India win the Football Gold?
Answer: 1951 in New Delhi and 1962 in Jakarta

80. When did India first participate in Olympic Football?
Answer: 1948, London

81. What was India’s best standing in Olympic Football?
Answer: 4th at Melbourne in 1956

82. Who was the first recipient of the Arjuna award for Football?
Answer: P.K. Banerjee in 1961

83. Who was the first footballer to get the Padma Shri?
Answer: Gostho Bihari Pal in 1962

84. When was the Asia Cup Football started?
Answer: 1956

85. What is its frequency, i.e., at what intervals is it held?
Answer: 4 years

86. Which Football tournament in India is the second oldest Football tournament in the world - next only to the F.A. Cup?
Answer: Durand Cup held at Delhi

87. Twice during the Asian Games Football Championships, the final having ended in goal-less draw, the two finalists were declared joint winners. When? Name the countries?
Answer: 1970, Burma and Korea; 1978, South Korea and North Korea

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