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India General Knowledge Questions & Answers (Year 2010-2011)

This article contains a collection of 50  general knowledge questions and answers as well as a brief description of the current affairs in years 2010 and 2011. These are very helpful for the aspirants of Civil Services, Staff Selection Commission and all type of Banking Exams. With the help of this material one can prepare for the detailed and expected areas of Current General Knowledge.

India General Knowledge (Year 2010-2011)

S.No. Question Answer
1 Name the 1st Indian Wrestler who won Gold in World Wrestling Championship? Sushil Kumar
2 What was Per Capita Income in 2009-10 at Current Prices? Rs. 44345
3 In the World Wrestling Championship in 66 KG freestyle category, Sushil Kumar won from Alan Gogaev (Russia)
4 What was Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in India as on 31 March 2010? $25.89bn
5 What is the target of FDI in 2010-11? $33bn
6 In 6th Women’s World championship MC Marykom boxer won from Steluta Duta (Romania)
7 M C Marykom belongs to which Indian state? Manipur
8 What was Gross NPA (Non Performing Assets) of Scheduled Commercial Banks in 2009-10? 2.39% (it was 14.6% in 1999)
9 In 41st International Film Festival of India (IFFI), the Golden Peacock award was given to Moner Manush
10 In 41st IFFI, Who were given the Silver Peacock for best film, best actor and best actress? In a better world, Guven Kirac and Magdalena Boozarsk respectively
11 The 41st IFFI was held in Panaji (Goa). Which film won Special Jury Award? Just Another Love Story
12 What was CRAR (Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Raito) of all Sch.Commercial Banks as on 31st March 2010? 14.%
13 The CRAR of Public Sector Banks was 13.3%, whereas of SBI group was 13.5%
14 As per Basel II the Minimum CRAR should be 12%, whereas the minimum level fixed by RBI is 9%
15 What was the old name of award "Person of the Year"? (Time Magazine) Man of the year
16 Name the person who won Person of the year award? Mark Zuckerberg
17 As regarding the Reader’s polling in Person of the year award Mark Zuckerberg got 18353(10th place) name the person who got 1st place? Julian Assange with 382026 votes
18 The 1st Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of India was Wajahat Habibullah whereas the present CIC is Satyanand Mishra
19 Bobby Jindal is the Governor of Louisiana (USA) whereas the newly elected Governor of South Carolina(USA) is Nikki Randhawa Haley
20 What was the %age of Deposits of CASA (Current Account and Saving Account) in 2009-10? 35.4%
21 Recently India has signed a deal to purchase C-17 Globemaster with which nation? USA
22 Name the latest UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) of India after Nishant and Lakshya? Rustom-1
23 Indigenously built Fast Attack Craft INS Kalpeni has been inducted in the Indian navy for bolstering the capability of Southern Naval Command
24 What is Project (75 I)? Production of Submarine on Public, Private & also Foreign participation
25 In 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, name the comedy serial that won the Best Television Award Mad Men
26 Grammy Awards are given in the field of Music whereas Academy awards are given in the field of Films
27 Name the company in India having the highest sale of Personal Computers? Dell
28 Deregulation of Oil Prices was done on June 2010
29 UN Women will be operational from Jan 2011. Who will be the head of this body? Michelle Bachelet
30 India has been elected in UN Women executive Board, how many members are there in it? 41
31 International day for "Elimination of violence against women" is celebrated on November 25
32 Name the place where TAPI Natural Gas Pipeline was signed among Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)
33 To commemorate CWG 2010 coins of which denomination were to be minted? Rs.5 & Rs.2
34 In how many districts the Integrated Action Plan will be started with an aim to minimize problems concerning healthcare, drinking water, education & roads in Naxal hit backward districts? 60
35 Name the Best state for the growth of Biotechnology? Karnataka
36 Best Biopharma company of India is Biocon
37 National Voters’ day will be celebrated on Jan 25
38 Name Interlocutors appointed on ’Mission Kashmir’ Dileep Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar & M M Ansari
39 The Highest Scorer in the school cricket history of India is Armaan Jaffer of Rizvi Springfield School of Bandra (Mumbai) scored 498
40 Name the country where one can get permanent residence in 2 years and full citizenship in 5 years through "Entrepreneur Visa"? United Kingdom
41 Who said recently "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is historic fact"? Arundhati Roy
42 Name the one man panel appointed on the ways and procedure of 2G spectrum. Shivaraj V Patil
43 Why was the ’Open Magazine’ in news? It was the first media agency which disclosed the conversation of Neera Radia tapes.
44 "First come First serve" policy was started by the Department of Telecommunication in which year? 1999
45 How many total telecom circles are there in India? 22
46 What is known as "Dry Fuel"? Coal
47 CAMELS stands for Capital, Assets, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, Systems
48 As on March 31, 2010 the Credit Deposit Ratio was 73.6% and the Investment Deposit Ratio of all banks was 36.2%
49 What is Green Banking? Means Online Banking-Less Paperwork & Less Driving to branch offices by customers.
50 Why was Ivory Coast in news? Dispute over Run Off election result for the post of President

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