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Current General Knowledge Quiz Questions - India Current General Knowledge

Here is a collection of 125 quiz questions related to India’s current general knowledge. Not only these questions will help you know about important current events of India but also prove as a valueable resource for conducting quiz programs in schools & colleges to test general knowledge of students about current affairs of India.

India Current General Knowledge Quiz Questions & Answers

1. In which state of India, the world’s tallest bridge that will replace France’s Millaes Bridge is coming up?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

2. Name the hotel group which has been ranked as Asia’s leading luxury hotel brand?

Answer: Oberoi Hotel

3. Which state in India is going to have longest high speed test track of the world?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

4. Name the company which has bought data storage network company ’Equal logic’?

Answer: Dell

5. Which state has decided to set up ’Mahila Shakti Sadan’ in rural areas?

Answer: Haryana

6. Which country sends most number of students to USA?

Answer: India

7. The world’s second biggest retailer, Carrefour will enter India by 2009, it belongs to which country?

Answer: France

8. Recently, Indian Army kicked off a massive combat exercise, code named _____?

Answer: Exercise Kamyabi

9. Name the Indian software company to be named among the top 10 in the annual Fun Tech list.

Answer: TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

10. Which country declared Bird Flue free country recently?

Answer: India

11. A cluster platform at Pune’s computational research laboratories (CRL); a Tata subsidiary has been ranked fourth in the widely anticipated top 500 list at an international conference as high performance computing in Reno, Nevada. What is its name?

Answer: EKA

12. Why was Nandigram in news?

Answer: On account of the issue between the government and local residents in context with land acquisition for the proposed SEZ. Nandigram is situated in Puwa Maidinipur district of West Bengal.

13. Where was the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on reproductive and sexual health held on October 2007?

Answer: Hyderabad

14. India’s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh flagged off ’Science Express’, a special train to showcase the contemporary as well as futuristic scientific advances on 30 October 2007 with which guest?

Answer: Chancellor of Germany "Angela Merkel"

15. Reserve Bank of India hiked on 30 October 2007 cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 50 basis points to 7.5%.

16. ’Operation Clean Up’ launched on 31 October 2007 by General Deepak Kapoor to improve the image of Indian Army.

17. Who taken over on 2-11-07 as chairman cum managing director of National Mineral Development Corporation Limited (NMDCL), Hyderabad?

Answer: Mr. Rana Som

18. Karnataka Chief Minister & BJP leader that took oath of 26th Chief Minister on 12 November 2007 resigned before voting confidence proposal.

Answer: B.S. Yeddyurappa

19. What did Bombay stock exchange launched on 9 November 2007?

Answer: B.S.E. Power Index

20. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh launched a pension scheme on 19 November 2007, that would provide a monthly pension to people over 65 years and living below the poverty line. What is the name of that scheme?

Answer: Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme.

21. On 20 November 2007 President Rule was imposed in which state of India?

Answer: Karnataka

22. India with which country signed on 20 November 2007 an additional protocol to a 22 year old bilateral agreement on regulation of man power, which will now cover domestic helps and workers in the unorganised sector?

Answer: Qatar

23. The 205 kilometres Kollam-Kottapuram National watering III is thrown for navigation on November 20, 2007.

24. India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) agree to start negotiations in putting Indian reactors under IAEA safeguards, cleaning a key hurdle to closing a US Indian nuclear supply pact on November 21, 2007.

25. At least 13 persons, including four lawyers were killed and 60 injured when six bombs went off in three court complexes in Uttar Pradesh (Faizabad, Lucknow, and Varanasi) on 23 November 2007.

26. A session court of New Delhi sentences Cinema owners Sushil Ansal and Gopal Ansal to two year rigorous imprisonment, the maximum term for causing death due to negligence in the 1997 Uphar Fire Tragedy case on 23 November 2007.

27. Planning commission approved 11th plan Approach paper. What were its targets?

  • Reduction of poverty ratio by 5 percentage points by 2007 and by 15 percentage point by 2012.
  • Providing gainful and high quality employment at least to addition to the labour force over the tenth plan period.
  • All children in school by 2003, all children to complete 5 years of schooling by 2007.
  • Reduction in the decadal rate of population growth between 2001 and 2011 to 16.2%.
  • Increase in literacy ratio to 75% in this plan period.
  • All villages to have sustained access to potable drinking water within the plan period.

28. The United States is the world’s most competitive economy according to the world economic forum.

29. Which country’s employees are highest tax payers in Asia?

Answer: India

30. Which company became world’s largest condom manufacturer?

Answer: Hindustan Latex

31. Which company launched mobile library in book size?


32. VSNL will be renamed to Tata Communications Ltd.

33. Which bank has emerged as the top bank in Asia Pacific in terms of Project financing?

Answer: ICICI Bank

34. The world’s fastest vector supercomputer SX 9 has been developed by which company?

Answer: NEC.

35. Where does India ranks in Gender-Biased economics according to world economic forum’s (WEF) report?

Answer: 114th position

36. Which country has been elected to newly establish independent Audit-Advisory committee (IAAC), a five member body which is expected to contribute to improving the accountability of the UN secretariat to the member states?

Answer: India

37. Which Indian state(s) have been selected for a world bank aided multi state agricultural competitiveness projects (MACP) to develop competitive marketing system and empower farmers by giving them better access to markets?

Answer: Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa and Tamil Nadu.

38. India has slightly improved its ranking in an index of 123 nations prepared by a UN body, that lists countries on their performance in terms of reaping benefits from trade openers through development policies. The country was ranked 86 on UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Index 2006 with an overall TDI score of 433.

39. Red Ribbon Express was in news due to what?

Answer: This is India’s largest campaign aimed at spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS and providing symptomatic treatment to patients as it chugs along.

40. Over half of the world’s polio cases are in India, which now has 367 of the world’s 707 cases.

41. Which country has the largest number of illiterates in the world and the country ranks a poor 126th out of 177 in the Human Development Index Prepared by UNDP?

Answer: India

42. Which language has been declared as Jharkhand’s second official language?

Answer: Urdu

43. What is the author of book titled ’Malika-e-Tarannum Noorjahan’ that was released in December 2007?

Answer: Aijaz Gul

44. Which was the most polluted city in India as declared in December 2007?

Answer: Ludhiana

45. 13th Finance Commission headed by Dr. Vijay Kelkar which will give suggestion for which time period?

Answer: 1 April 2010 to 30 March 2015

46. What is the distribution of Gujarat assembly party seats among various political parties of India?

Answer: BJP: 117, Congress: 62, Others: 3

47. Which institution has said recently that water of Agra district is not fit for drinking?

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (formerly The Export-Import Bank of Japan)


49. Which bank established India’s first biometric ATM?

Answer: Punjab National Bank in Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

50. India secured which rank in the world’s most deprived characteristic and causes of extreme poverty and hunger?

Answer: 96th in overall 199 developing countries.

51. India’s 38th International film festival held recently in Goa.

52. India’s 15th International children film festival held recently in Hyderabad.

53. Red Ribbon Express in news recently it’s encourage public to know more about HIV/AIDS.

54. NRI Summit held in January 08, chief guest was Mauritius Prime Minister Dr. Naveen Ram Gulam.

55. NRI Summit held in January 08, main theme was ’Engaging the diaspora, for the war’.

56. What is India’s ranking in UNDP human development report, declared in November 2007?

Answer: 128th

57. Who is the author of book names "Inside IB and RAW: The Rolling Stone that Gathered Moss"?

Answer: K Shankaran Nair

58. Who is the author of book "Towards Powering India"?

Answer: R.B. Sahi

59. Who wrote the book "The elephant, the tiger and the cell phone"?

Answer: Shashi Tharur

60. Who wrote the book "India Century"?

Answer: Kamal Nath

61. AQ check express, was inlighted to be careful about it gives diabetes.

62. Which Indian telecom giant became the World’s 10th largest company?

Answer: Airtel

63. Which place became first in tax collection?

Answer: Mumbai

64. Where is India’s first Nano technology centre being established?

Answer: Bangalore

65. Which state got first rank in Flowery Export?

Answer: Karnataka

66. In which Indian state, physical torture is fully prohibited recently?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

67. Which company got success in searching crude oil storage in Tamil Nadu recently?

Answer: Reliance Industries

68. 12th Lakes summit ’Tal 2007’ held in October 2007 in Jaipur.

69. 27th international trade fair held in October 2007 in New Delhi at Pragati Maidan.

70. Which temple became the largest Hindu Mandir in world recently?

Answer: Akshardham Mandir in New Delhi

71. Which party got victory in latest Assembly election in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: BJP secured 41 seats out of 68.

72. Who became new chief minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Prem Kumar Dhumal (BJP)

73. Kandhmal district in light due to communal disturbance recently situated at Orissa.

74. First Automobile museum of India is being established in which city?

Answer: Delhi

75. Which state included recently "Every family has its own bank account" after Himachal Pradesh & Goa?

Answer: Kerala

76. Five days joint military practice held recently by India & China called "Hand to Hand 2007".

77. Which telecommunication company has been awarded for best Brand and mobile operation in 2007?

Answer: Airtel

78. Which entertainment company stated to book picture ticket from mobile in India?

Answer: AID LABS (Reliance)

79. Where is "Indira Gandhi National Scheduled Tribes University" planned to be established?

Answer: Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh). It is a pilgrim town and a nagar panchayat in Anuppur District in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

80. Information about Passport by SMS, which first passport office got credit recently?

Answer: Lucknow Passport Office

81. Which public undertaking company decided to begin work in power sector?

Answer: Coal India Ltd.

82. General motors corporation declared to establish research lab with which institution recently?

Answer: IIT Kharagpur

83. Which country hosted the 15th SAARC Summit in place of Maldives?

Answer: Sri Lanka

84. According to Time Magazine, which dealing was sixth best dealing of world?

Answer: Tata-Chorus Dealing

85. Which country became pure exporter of Urea?

Answer: India

86. India’s First Co-operative university is being established in Pune by Indian National Cooperative Federation.

87. What was the First cooperative university named?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Cooperative International University

88. The state with highest child labour in India is Andhra Pradesh.

89. Main importer of Indian Basmati Rice in whole world is Iran.

90. In Britain top ten most film remained "Om Shanti Om"

91. Out of World’s top polluted 146 countries, India has 101 Rank.

92. Name the Film Producer who secured his name in Guinness Book of World Records to make a film in 9 languages?

Answer: D. Rama Naidu (Hyderabad)

93. Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri presented budget for 2007-08 on 2 July 2007 of Rs. 9431.91 Crore surplus budget with no new taxes. He was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state by Governor Sudarshan Aggarwal on March 8, 2007.

94. When did the Uttarakhand Assembly passed a bill banning cow slaughter in the hill states?

Answer: July 11, 2007

95. Who became new governor in Uttaranchal on October 2007?

Answer: B.L. Joshi

96. Which former Chief Minister of India and leader of the panel to look into controversial UN ’oil for food’ scam, died some time ago?

Answer: R.S.Pathak

97. Who was the Macho Prince of American letters that died recently? He won the Pulitzer Prize two times.

Answer: Norman Mailer

98. Name the prominent poet that died on 9 December 2007?

Answer: Trilochan Shastri. He was among the famous trio of modern Hindi poetry along with Nagarjun and Shamsher Bahadur Singh.

99. The wife of prominent poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan died on 21 December 2007. What was her name?

Answer: Teji Bachchan (12 August 1914 - 21 December 2007)

100. Which prominent Film maker and producer of Big Blast Film "Sholay" died on 26 December 2007?

Answer: G.P. Sippy

101. With which country has India agreed to import cement to enhance bilateral trade over five times to $10 billion by 2010?

Answer: Pakistan

102. How many destinations are identified by the Central Government for the shopping tourism destination?

Answer: 4

103. How much percentage of Indian schools is without the blackboard facility?

Answer: 7.37%

104. For which region has the Postal Department lunched its cargo service for the first time?

North East

105. To which city in India the "Maitree Express" come from Dhaka?

Answer: Kolkata

106. The Border Road Organisation (BRO) is working under the ’Swastik Project’ in which neighbouring country?

Answer: Afghanistan

107. Which of the India’s Indigenous helicopter weaponised version made its first recent official flight?

Answer: Dhurv

108. Which country lifted ban on uranium sale to India?

Answer: Australia

109. In which year will Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launch its reusable rocket?

Answer: 2010

110. What would be the cost of the widening of 838 kilometers of heavily congested four national highways of which two provide connections to the ports?

Answer: Rs. 2863 crore

111. Kalpana Chawla Planetarium has been established where?


112. India’s first mobile court has been inaugurated where?

Answer: Haryana

113. NABARD has set a target to promote 47,000 new Self-Help Group (SHGs) in a state in 2007-08 and provide credit support to all of them. Which is this state?

Answer: West Bengal

114. Which state has decided to grant 4% reservation to Backward Muslims?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

115. Which state government will amend the ’Panchayati Raj Act’ by including stringent provisions to enforce the plastic ban?

Answer: Kerala

116. In which state payment to pension and National Rural Employment Guarantee Programmes wages through Smart Card?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

117. Which state government received the Central assistance of Rs. 25000 crore in the 11th five year plan for the revitalisation of agriculture?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

118. Which state has decided to formulate an e-village project for each rural settlement to computerise the entire information?

Answer: Rajasthan

119. Which state has become a major beneficiary of the World Bank’s loan assistance of Rs. 15242 crore during the current financial year?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

120. Which State would become an IT hub up to 2010 in India?

Answer: West Bengal

121. In which State about 1-85 lakh birds culled due to the threat of Flu?

Answer: Manipur

122. Which Indian state got Rs. 2690 crore for special package for agriculture sector?

Answer: Karnataka

123. Which state government has decided to confer a lifeline Achievement Award of Rs. 2 lakh on an eminent writer every year for his/her outstanding contribution to promotion of Hindi literature?

Answer: Haryana

124. Which states has launched Bhagyalakshmi the first ever in insurance scheme for girl children of BPL (Below Poverty Line) families providing financial support for their education health and marriage?

Answer: Karnataka

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