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Football Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 5

118. What has been the world record figure for transfer of a player from one club to another?
Answer: £6,900,000. Diego Maradona from Barcelona to Napoli in June, 1984

119. What is the next best?
Answer: £5,500,000. Rudd Gullit from PSV Eindhoven to AC Milan in June 1987

120. Who has been the oldest member of a World Cup winning team?
Answer: Dino Zoff (Italy), 40 years in 1982

121. The attendance in three of the 13 World Cup finals was in six figures. When and how much?
Answer: (i) 199854 in 1950 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, (ii) 114580 in 1986 at Mexico City, Mexico, (iii) 107412 in 1970 at Mexico City, Mexico

122. What is the maximum number of goals scored in the final of the World Cup?
Answer: 7 in 1958 at Stockholm when Brazil beat Sweden 5-2

123. A referee from which country supervised the World Cup finals in 1982 and 1986?
Answer: Brazil. In 1982 by Coelho and in 1986 by Filho

124. Who is the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final?
Answer: Geoff Hurst, England vs. West Germany in 1966

125. What are the most resounding wins recorded in a World Cup final rounds games?
Answer: Hungary beat El Salvador 10-1 in 1982, beat South Korea 9-0 in 1954 and Yugoslavia beat Zaire 9-0 in 1974

126. What is the most resounding win recorded in a World Cup qualifying rounds game?
Answer: New Zealand beat Fiji 13-0 in 1981

127. Which player has been capped most often by his country?
Answer: Hector Chumpitaz, 150 appearances for Peru between 1963 and 1982

128. Name the famous manager who in 14 years as Manager of West Germany saw his country to the first, second, and third places in the World Cup and European Championships.
Answer: Helmut Schoen

129. To which countries do the following famous clubs belong? (a) Dundee United (b)Celtic (c) Lens
Answer: (a) and (b) (Scotland), (c) France

130. And the following clubs are as famous but are in different continents. Name the countries? (a) Cosmos (b) Dynamo Kiev (c) Santos
Answer: (a) U.S.A. (b) U.S.S.R. (c) Brazil

131. He was Manchester United’s most-capped player, scored more goals for them and for his country than anyone else. Who?
Answer: Bobby Charlton

132. He was the first player to be paid £ 1 million and the first to be voted the European Footballer of the Year thrice. Who?
Answer: Johan Cruyff (Holland)

133. Which country won the World Cup title the first time she participated, missed the next two championships and then won the title again on her reappearance?
Answer: Uruguay in 1930 and 1950

134. Having played 1,098 first class Games including 119 for his country, he retired after a World Cup final round game on his 41st birthday. Who?
Answer: Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland)

135. When and where was the oldest football club championship final played?
Answer: 1872, The Oval, London

136. Who were the finalists?
Answer: Wanderers vs. Royal Engineers

137. Since when has the F.A. Cup final been played at Wembley?
Answer: 1923

138. Only once has the F.A. Cup final (replay, actually) been held at a venue other than Wembley. When and where?
Answer: 1970, Old Trafford, Manchester

139. The following three teams have been the winners of the European Cup Winners Cup Championships. To which country do they belong? (a) Juventus, (b) Ajax (c) Florentina
Answer: (a) Italy (b) Italy (b) Holland

140. What is the Copa Libertadores?
Answer: The South American Cup for clubs

141. What is the present seating capacity of the world’s largest football ground at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?
Answer: 169,000

142. By what names is this ground known?
Answer: Maracana Stadium and Mario Filho Stadium;

143. Which are the two other ground with a capacity of 150,000?
Answer: Morumbi, Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Pyongyang Stadium (North Korea)

144. Two of India’s football stadium finds a mention in Guinness Soccer Records as having a capacity of 100000 Name them. 
Answer: Eden Gardens, Calcutta, and Corporation Stadium, Calicut

145. Which country did these footballers represent? (a) Marco Van Basten (b) Mirandinha (c) Daniel McGrain
Answer: (a) Holland, (b) Brazil (c) Scotland

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