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120 Rajnikanth Jokes - Best Collection of Rajnikant Jokes

With all due respect to the great actor, here is the collection of 120 popular Rajnikanth Jokes. If there are any Rajnikanth fans out there reading these jokes, Please don't take it seriously. Just read and enjoy. Rajnikanth Jokes Rajinikant... Read More

Famous Quotes of Navjot Singh Sidhu

Here is a collection of Famous Quotes of  Navjot Singh Sidhu. After retirement from cricket Navjot Singh Sidhu took up television commentary and politics. If you would like to see more quotes by Navjot Singh Sidhu, please send us a... Read More

Silly and Funny Interview Questions

Story I Employer: Do you have a boyfriend? Candidate: I have. Employer: Is he working locally? Candidate: No. He is working Overseas. Employer: Sorry, my company cannot employ you! Candidate: Why? Employer: You will not be able to settle... Read More

Lie Detector Robot - Joke

One day Jack's dad bought a robot. The robot was special in that it could detect a lie and would slap the person who lied on the face. Jack returned late from school that day and his dad asked him, "Son why are you late from school?". Jack... Read More

Funny Definitions of some words

School: A place where Papa pays and Son plays. a place where papa pays and son plays. > Life Insurance: A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die Rich. a contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die rich.... Read More

Disorder in the American Courts - Very Funny

These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking... Read More

20 funny reasons why it’s better to be a woman

1. Women can talk to attractive members of the opposite sex without having to picture them naked. 2. A woman can never be blamed if it's wet on the floor around the toilet bowl. 3. If a woman cheats on her spouse everyone will assume it's because... Read More

Trouble Remembering Things

An 80 year old couple were having problems remembering things, so they decided to go to their doctor to get checked out to make sure nothing was wrong with them. When they arrived at the doctors, they explained to the doctor about the problems they... Read More

Erik Plot Sculpture - No Eye Contact Allowed

They were told not to look at this sculpture but they did anyway. Lesson Learned! People are notorious for wanting to do the very thing you ask them not to do. For example, the phrase "Don't Touch The Red Button" just makes the red button so much... Read More

INTERESTING FACT: 26 Things in a Perfect Guy

26 Things in a Perfect Guy Know how to make you smile when you are down. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence. Give you the remote control during the game. Come up behind ... Read More

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