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General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2010

Here is a list of 2010 general knowledge questions along with their answers.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2010

1. Who is the new President of the Indian Youth Congress?

Answer: Rajiv Satav, Maharashtra Youth Congress President.

2. Name of the four-year medical course proposed by the Indian Health Ministry and Medical Council of India (MCI) which is aimed at meeting the public health challenges in rural areas?

Answer: Bachelor of Rural Health Care (BHRC). Earlier it is named as Bachelor of Rural Medicine and Surgery (BRMS).
The BRMS training will be given in three phases - the first two phases will have the duration of one year each and the final one will have 18 months. The internship will have six month duration.

3. Indian who has received two Australia Day Achievement Medals for his contribution to the society there?

Answer: V.P.Unnikrishnan. He is the secretary of the Federation of Indian communities, Queensland (FICQ) and a native of Kerala. He has been settled in Brisbane for more than 10 years and won the Lord Mayor’s 2010 Australia Day Achievement Award recently.

4. In a country in East Asia, a nine-year-old school girl gave birth by Caesarean section to a healthy baby boy. Which is that country?

Answer: China

5. Name of the 10-foot-long research rocket carrying a mouse, two turtles and worms into space launched by Iran on 02-02-2010?

Answer: Kavoshgar-3, which means Explorer-3 in Farsi.

6. Which country has refused to grant citizenship to a man who forced his wife to wear the full Islamic veil or Naqab?

Answer: France

7. Name of the Pakistani neuroscientist trained at an elite American university has been found guilty of two charges of attempted murder after she tried to kill US agents in Afghanistan in 2008?

Answer: Aafia Siddiqui

8. Which country has agreed to accept ground-based interceptors from the United States as part of its missile defense system in Eastern Europe?

Answer: Romania

9. Which state became the first State in India to announce a ban on Bt Brinjal even before the Centre takes a final decision on the introduction of the controversial genetically modified crop?

Answer: Uttarakhand

10. Who has taken over as Director-General of Income Tax (Investigation), Kochi (Kerala)?

Answer: E.T. Lukose.

11. Name the Indian-American author that is currently a member of Arts and Humanities Committee of US government appointed by President Barack Obama?

Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri

12. Who have been chosen for the G.D. Birla International Award in art and culture category?

Answer: V.P. Dhananjayan and his wife Shantha Dhananjayan. They will receive the award along with two social workers, Zokhumi Vankung of Mizoram for service to humanity and Percy Barnevik, a Swiss National, for his work in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

13. Chairman of news and current affairs channel -Channel Nepal - and largest cable operator Space Time Network, who was shot dead by unknown assailants in the capital Katmandu?

Answer: Jamim Shah

He was a Nepalese media entrepreneur had two newspapers (now closed) and a television channel "Channel Nepal", which is the first satellite channel in Nepal.

14. Which country now joins Chile as the second country in Latin America to have a cabinet with gender parity?

Answer: Bolivia.

15. Who is elected as Costa Rica’s first female president?

Answer: Laura Chinchilla

16. Name of the long-range missile successfully test-fired and launched by India on 07-02-2010 from Wheeler Island in the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Orissa?

Answer: Agni-3. The missile, which has a range capability of 3500-kilometers was flight tested by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). This was the fourth flight test in the Agni-3 series. The missile is 17 meters long and two metres in diameter. It was powered by a two-stage solid propellant system with a pay load capability of 1.5 tons.

17. Leaders of 32 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Mexico, decided to exclude two countries from membership of a new organization for countries on the American continents. Name of that countries?

Answer: United States of America (U.S.A) and Canada.

18. Name of the jailed Cuban dissident on a hunger strike for 83 days died at the age of 42 on 23-02-2010?

Answer: Orlando Zapata Tamayo. This is for the first time since 1972 that an opponent of the Havana government lost his life during a hunger protest.

19. Which country has swept the Commonwealth Shooting Championship with a whopping 49 medals?

Answer: India. India won 23 gold, 17 silver and 9 bronze medals. England finished a distant second with 31 medals and badges, while Wales ended third on the table after winning 13 medals and badges.

20. A massive earthquake has hit a country in South America on February 27, 2010 killing more than 700 people while leaving untold numbers missing and 2 million displaced, wounded or otherwise affected. Which is that country?

Answer: Chile.

21. A prominent Indian hotelier who has been presented the Community Award in recognition of his outstanding philanthropic work in the UK?

Answer: Joginder Sangar

22. Which country’s Supreme Court disallowed kite flying during the occasion of the spring festival of Basant?

Answer: Pakistan.

23. Who becomes the first South African batsman to score 250 plus runs against India in a test innings?

Answer: Hashim Amla. Amla’s 253 not out in the first innings of the first test at Nagpur represents the highest individual innings by a South African batsman in a test innings against India.

24. Who has been named the captain of the Indian hockey team for its campaign in the World Cup Hockey event starting on February 28?

Answer: Rajpal Singh.

25. Who won the Asian Tour International golf title held in Bangkok?

Answer: Gaganjeet Bhullar (India). Asian Tour International is a golf tournament on the Asian Tour, played in Thailand. It has been held annually since 2008.

26. Which country announced on February 9,2010 that it had started enriching uranium to the level of less than 20 percent to meet the country’s fuel requirements for the reactor producing medical radioisotopes, after the potential suppliers failed to provide the fuel under a UN deal?

Answer: Iran

27. Seventeen army men were killed in an avalanche that buried their training camp of an Indian State on February 8. That massive avalanche hits which Indian state?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir. An avalanche is a rapid flow of snow down a slope, from either natural triggers or human activity. Typically occurring in mountainous terrain, an avalanche can mix air and water with the descending snow.

28. Which Northeastern state of India now has four ’Chief Ministers’, apparently to douse a simmering discontent within the main party in the coalition?

Answer: Meghalaya. Veteran Congress leader D D Lapang had assumed office as chief minister on May 13, 2009. He is the chief minister with statutory authority vested in him. Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee president, Lyngdoh now enjoys the rank of Chief Minister. The others are the two leaders of the United Democratic Party- State Planning Board chairman Donkupar Roy and Meghalaya Economic Development Council chairman J D Rymbai.These three persons will enjoy the pay, perks and other facilities as that of a chief minister, but they do not have any constitutional power.

29. Who is appointed as the Secretary of Petroleum and Natural Gas?

Answer: Sthanunathan Sundareshan

30. Which city of India will host the 12th edition of South Asian Games (SAF Games) in 2012?

Answer: Delhi

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