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Flowers Quiz Questions With Answers - Quiz On Flowers

Flowers Quiz

This Flowers Quiz is an online test of your knowledge of flowers. The Flower Quiz will test your knowledge of different types of flowers, their meanings and trivia about flowers. These quiz questions are carefully compiled so you can truly gauge how much you know about flowers.

Flowers Quiz Questions

The flowers quiz not just helps you test your knowledge on flowers, but also help you learn more about flowers.

1. Which cut flower is the most popular for purchase?

  1. Rose
  2. Sunflower
  3. Lily
  4. Tulip

2. Which flower has the smallest seeds?

  1. Tulip
  2. Daffodil
  3. Orchid
  4. Sweet Pea

3. Which flower symbolically means "beauty"?

  1. Calla Lily
  2. Honeysuckle
  3. Gardenia
  4. Rose

4. What color rose would you send to someone to say, "I am innocent and pure"?

  1. Pink
  2. White
  3. Red
  4. Yellow

5. The disc of this flower is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers.

  1. Anemone
  2. Gardenia
  3. Daisy
  4. Petunia

6. What part of the flower is the corolla?

  1. Stem
  2. Stamen
  3. Petals
  4. Pistil

7. The process of sexual reproduction in flowers is called anthesis.

  1. True
  2. False

8. In the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, what flower is worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in war?

  1. Red rose
  2. Iris
  3. Red poppy
  4. Lily

9. Where are more than 60 percent of the United States' cut flowers grown?

  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. Georgia
  4. California

10. If a bride chooses pink roses for her wedding bouquet, what message is she conveying?

  1. Innocence and purity
  2. Grace and joy
  3. Modesty
  4. Unity

11. Let's say you send a bouquet of Bells of Ireland to a friend. What message are you sending?

  1. Be my support
  2. Think of me
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Good luck

12. What flower bulb can be used in place of onions in cooking?

  1. Freesia
  2. Tulip
  3. Dahlia
  4. Gladiolus

13. Who said, "Where flowers bloom so does hope"?

  1. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. Shakespeare
  3. Lady Bird Johnson
  4. Mother Teresa

14. Carnation flowers are the national symbol of what country?

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Slovenia
  3. Belarus
  4. Croatia

15. What is the state flower of New York?

  1. Poppy
  2. Orange Blossom
  3. Camellia
  4. Rose

16. The national flower in Mauritius

  1. Water lily
  2. Rose
  3. Trochetia
  4. Nambia

17. Which is the biggest flower of the world?

  1. Lily
  2. Rose
  3. Rafflesia
  4. Petunia

Flowers Quiz - Answers

The answers to flowers quiz questions asked above are mentioned below.

  1. Rose
  2. Orchid
  3. Calla Lily
  4. White
  5. Daisy
  6. Petals
  7. False
  8. Red poppy
  9. California
  10. Grace and joy
  11. Good luck
  12. Tulip
  13. Lady Bird Johnson
  14. Slovenia
  15. Rose
  16. Trochetia
  17. Rafflesia

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