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Indian Satellites - List of Satellites launched by India

India has launched 73 Indian Satellites (as of 5th January 2014) of many types since its first attempt in 1975. The organisation responsible for Indian Satellites is the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Satellites have been launched from various vehicles, including those from ISRO, and from American, Russian, European satellite-launch rockets, and the U.S. Space Shuttle. The recent launch of GSLV-D5 satellite puts India in "cryo club", a select group of Spacefaring Nations that have the 'Crucial Cryogenic Engine Technology', which is necessary to carry heavy satellites. Countries which have such a capability are the US, Russia, France, Japan and China.


ISRO is all set to launch its own navigation satellite "IRNSS-1B" on 4 April 2014. IRNSS is an independent regional navigation satellite system developed by India. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)-C24, will carry IRNSS-1B. The vehicle is expected to take off from the first launch pad on April 4, 2014 and ISRO will use the XL version of PSLV.

Satellite Launch Date Launch Vehicle Type of Satellite
GSAT-14 05-01-2014 GSLV-D5 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) 05-11-2013 PSLV-C25 Space Mission
GSAT-7 30-08-2013 Ariane-5
Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-3D 26-07-2013 Ariane-5
Geo-Stationary/Meteorological Satellite
IRNSS-1A 01.07.2013 PSLV-C22 Navigation Satellite
SARAL 25.02.2013 PSLV-C20 Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-10 29.09.2012 Ariane-5
Geo-Stationary Satellite
RISAT-1 26.04.2012 PSLV-C19 Earth Observation Satellite
Jugnu 12.10.2011 PSLV-C18 Experimental / Small Satellite
SRMSat 12.10.2011 PSLV-C18 Experimental / Small Satellite
Megha-Tropiques 12.10.2011 PSLV-C18 Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-12 15.07.2011 PSLV-C17 Geo-Stationary Satellite
GSAT-8 21.05.2011 Ariane-5
Geo-Stationary Satellite
RESOURCESAT-2 20.04.2011 PSLV-C16 Earth Observation Satellite
YOUTHSAT 20.04.2011 PSLV-C16 Experimental / Small Satellite
GSAT-5P 25.12.2010 GSLV-F06 Geo-Stationary Satellite
STUDSAT 12.07.2010 PSLV-C15 Experimental / Small Satellite
CARTOSAT-2B 12.07.2010 PSLV-C15 Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-4 15.04.2010 GSLV-D3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Oceansat-2 23.09.2009 PSLV-C14 Earth Observation Satellite
ANUSAT 20.04.2009 PSLV-C12 Experimental / Small Satellite
RISAT-2 20.04.2009 PSLV-C12 Earth Observation Satellite
Chandrayaan-1 22.10.2008 PSLV-C11 Space Mission
CARTOSAT - 2A 28.04.2008 PSLV-C9 Earth Observation Satellite
IMS-1 28.04.2008 PSLV-C9 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-4B 12.03.2007 Ariane-5ECA Geo-Stationary Satellite
CARTOSAT - 2 10.01.2007 PSLV-C7 Earth Observation Satellite
SRE - 1 10.01.2007 PSLV-C7 Experimental / Small Satellite
INSAT-4CR 02.09.2007 GSLV-F04 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-4C 10.07.2006 GSLV-F02 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-4A 22.12.2005 Ariane-5GS Geo-Stationary Satellite
HAMSAT 05.05.2005 PSLV-C6 Experimental / Small Satellite
CARTOSAT-1 05.05.2005 PSLV-C6 Earth Observation Satellite
EDUSAT (GSAT-3) 20.09.2004 GSLV-F01 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Resourcesat-1(IRS-P6) 17.10.2003 PSLV-C5 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-3A 10.04.2003 Ariane-5G Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-3E 28.09.2003 Ariane-5G Geo-Stationary Satellite
GSAT-2 08.05.2003 GSLV-D2 Geo-Stationary Satellite
KALPANA-1(METSAT) 12.09.2002 PSLV-C4 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-3C 24.01.2002 Ariane-42L H10-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Technology Experiment Satellite (TES) 22.10.2001 PSLV-C3 Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-1 18.04.2001 GSLV-D1 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-3B 22.03.2000 Ariane-5G Geo-Stationary Satellite
Oceansat(IRS-P4) 26.05.1999 PSLV-C2 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-2E 03.04.1999 Ariane-42P H10-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-2DT January 1998 Ariane-44L H10 Geo-Stationary Satellite
IRS-1D 29.09.1997 PSLV-C1 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-2D 04.06.1997 Ariane-44L H10-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
IRS-P3 21.03.1996 PSLV-D3 Earth Observation Satellite
IRS-1C 28.12.1995 Molniya Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-2C 07.12.1995 Ariane-44L H10-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
IRS-P2 15.10.1994 PSLV-D2 Earth Observation Satellite
Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-C2) 04.05.1994 ASLV Space Mission
IRS-1E 20.09.1993 PSLV-D1 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-2B 23.07.1993 Ariane-44L H10+ Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-2A 10.07.1992 Ariane-44L H10 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-C) 20.05.1992 ASLV Space Mission
IRS-1B 29.08.1991 Vostok Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-1D 12.06.1990 Delta 4925 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-1C 21.07.1988 Ariane-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Stretched Rohini Satellite Series
13.07.1988 ASLV Earth Observation Satellite
IRS-1A 17.03.1988 Vostok Earth Observation Satellite
Stretched Rohini Satellite Series
24.03.1987 ASLV Space Mission
INSAT-1B 30.08.1983 Shuttle [PAM-D] Geo-Stationary Satellite
Rohini (RS-D2) 17.04.1983 SLV-3 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-1A 10.04.1982 Delta 3910 PAM-D Geo-Stationary Satellite
Bhaskara-II 20.11.1981 C-1 Intercosmos Earth Observation Satellite
Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE) 19.06.1981 Ariane-1(V-3) Geo-Stationary Satellite
Rohini (RS-D1) 31.05.1981 SLV-3 Earth Observation Satellite
Rohini (RS-1) 18.07.1980 SLV-3 Experimental / Small Satellite
Rohini Technology Payload (RTP) 10.08.1979 SLV-3 Experimental / Small Satellite
Bhaskara-I 07.06.1979 C-1 Intercosmos Earth Observation Satellite
Aryabhata 19.04.1975 C-1 Intercosmos Experimental / Small Satellite

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