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Trivia Questions - General Knowledge Trivia Questions & Answers

Trivia Questions

  1. What is the most common element on Earth?
  2. How Long Does it take for light from the moon to reach the Earth?
  3. How many miles high is Mount Everest?
  4. Which Ocean goes to the deepest depths?
  5. Which Bear grows larger Brown Grizzly or Polar?
  6. What is 4ft 8inches in Metres?
  7. What does HTML stand for?
  8. If I take 2 apples out of a basket containing 6 apples how many apples do I have?
  9. A woman has 5 Potatoes to feed 3 children how can she give them equal portions without fractions?
  10. It occurs Once in a minute Twice in a week and once in a year what is it?
  11. Which is the odd word out queen, king, pawn, bishop, cardinal, castle?
  12. Which of these word anagrams is not a tree prujien, hrbci, cusrep, nettschcu, etentl, ilowwl?
  13. What date comes 22 days after June 19th?
  14. Which 2 words are opposite in meaning demand, impede, negate, ignore, provide, assert?
  15. What is the worlds smallest bird?
  16. Why do fireflies flash?
  17. Which nation gave women the right to vote first?
  18. Who played Mrs Peel in the original Avenger series?
  19. Who played John Steed in the original Avenger series?
  20. How long did Queen Victoria Reign for?
  21. Which animal was domesticated first; the cat or the dog?
  22. Which singer is known as "The Queen of Soul"?
  23. Who was known as "old blue eyes"?
  24. Which country features a maple leaf on its flag?
  25. Which US presidents are featured on Mount Rushmore?
  26. Which Presidents does Forest Gump meet in the film?
  27. How many tentacles does an Octupus have?
  28. How many tentacles does a Squid have?
  29. What group were George Harrison, Paul Mcartney, and John Lennon in together as well as the beatles?
  30. What is northernmost land on earth?
  31. Which 2 words are most similar in meaning Relate, Advise, Write, Know, Decieve, Impart?
  32. Simplify 7 -6 x 4 + 3 / 2 - 7 = ?
  33. Who was the goddess of Love in Roman Myth?
  34. Who was the goddess of Love in Creek Myth?
  35. Which are the worlds 3 most spoken Languages?
  36. What year did the Vietnam war end?
  37. What year did the Berlin Wall come down?
  38. What is the Chemical Symbol for Iron?
  39. How many sides does a Heptagon have?
  40. What year was the Skateboard invented?
  41. Where is the Worlds Largest Aquarium?
  42. Which British Sports car has been in production continuously since 1935?
  43. What year did the London Underground open?
  44. What was Ghana called before 1957?
  45. What country has not fought in a war since 1815?
  46. Which is the only city in the world to lie in 2 continents?
  47. What are the 5 senses in the human body?
  48. How many years was "Margaret Thatcher" prime minister for?
  49. What is 1/3 of 1/2?
  50. Name 4 sources of renawable energy?

Answers to Trivia Questions

  1. Hydrogen
  2. 1.26 Seconds
  3. 8.846 Miles
  4. Pacific Ocean
  5. Polar Bear
  6. 1.42 Meters
  7. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  8. 2
  9. She can mash the potatoes for equal distribution
  10. Letter "e"
  11. Cardinal
  12. Nettle - the others are juniper, birch, spruce, chestnut, willow
  13. July 11
  14. Negate & Assert
  15. Bee Humingbird (2 inches)
  16. A chemical reaction related to the mating process
  17. New Zealand
  18. Diana Rigg
  19. Patrick Macnee
  20. 1837-1901
  21. Dog for 12,000 years, Cat for 4,000 years
  22. Aretha Franklin
  23. Frank Sinatra
  24. Canada
  25. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln
  26. John F Kennedy, Nixon, Lyndon Johnson
  27. 8
  28. 10
  29. The Quarrymen
  30. Cape Morris Jessup Greenland
  31. Relate, Impart
  32. -x = -22 1/2
  33. Aphrodite
  34. Venus
  35. Chinese (Manderin), English, Hindi
  36. Ceasefire signed in 1973 but war ended in 1975
  37. 1989
  38. Fe
  39. 7 Sides
  40. 1958
  41. Epcot Centre Florida
  42. Morgan 4/4
  43. 1863
  44. Gold Coast
  45. Switzerland
  46. Istanbul (Europe and Asia)
  47. Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight, Hearing
  48. 11 years (1979-1990)
  49. 1/6th
  50. Wind, Sun, Tidal Power, Hydroelectric
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  2. I liked these general knowledge trivia questions. It made me think.

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