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Business Quiz Questions - Corporate Quiz Questions & Answers

Question: Name the inventor of world's first safety elevator, whose name is synonymous with that category?

Answer: Elisha Graves Otis

Question: Which Indian pharmaceutical giant owned the Fortis Healthcare Limited?

Answer: Ranbaxy Ltd

Question: Which company's corporate culture is known as "Colourful Life, Excellent Products"?

Answer: Konka

Question: Name the internationally acclaimed brand founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Banford in a small west London workshop? (Hint: Bond connection)

Answer: Aston Martin

Question: Big Blue is IBM. Which corporate is referred as 'Big Black'?

Answer: UPS

Question: Who owns the premium condom brand Mates and what's special about that brand?

Answer: Virgin. It is the only brand which is not sold under the name Virgin.

Question: We all know that Hotel Sixer is promoted by Kapil Dev. But which other cricketer owns 'Curry Leaves'?

Answer: Aravinda de Silva

Question: Which organization was founded by Dr. Mikel Harry and Richard Schroder in 1994 at Scottsdale, Arizona and their first clients are GE and Allied Signal?

Answer: Six Sigma Academy Inc

Question: Cathay Pacific airlines, claims to be the heart of asia, belongs to which group?

Answer: Swire Group

Question: This famous Japanese corporation first started as a tiny cork manufacturer in Hiroshima in 1920, and was known as Tokyo Cork Kogyo Co Ltd. How it is known today?

Answer: Mazda

Question: Which is the world's First Patented product?

Answer: Epsom Salt

Question: Which company claims itself that the only company in the world having the technology to produce the steel in-house for manufacturing Razor Blades?

Answer: Vidyut Metallics Ltd, owner of Supermax brand

Question: Name the oil major who first setup a refinery in India, introduced LPG and Bitumen to the nation and first company to introduced co-branded credit cards and rewards programme in petroleum sector?

Answer: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)

Question: Which auto company plans to develop concept car 'Aria Coupe' and luxury sedan 'Magna'?

Answer: Tata Motors

Question: What are Ethical Drugs?

Answer: Drugs available only for the prescriptions from Physicians

Question: Who founded the Amul milk co-operative in Gujarat in the year 1902?

Answer: Tribhuvandas Patel

Question: What was invented by Dr. Willis Haviland Carrier, an American engineer, in 1902?

Answer: Air Conditioner

Question: Who is credited as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer?

Answer: Hero Cycles

Question: The organization was founded by Charles Lazarus in the late 1940's as the first 'toy supermarket' which initially sold toys and furniture. Later it dropped furniture and concentrated only on Toys and later acquired by Interstate in 1966. After the bankruptcy of Interstate in 1974, more stores were opened in the process of reorganization. Identify the company?

Answer: Toys "R" Us

Question: Nowadays Coffee pubs and parlors are become popular, thanks to the retail revolution. You may tasted 'mocha', 'cappuccino', 'espresso' etc. But what is 'Napoletana' coffee?

Answer: Nothing but Filter Coffee

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