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Business Quiz Part 2 - Business Quiz Questions and Answers

This is second part of the business quiz questions series with answers. These are all the Business quiz questions added so far with answers. This business quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the international business brands, taglines of multinational companies, airlines & different countries. It is a very nice collection of business quiz questions with answers. If you have more questions and answers to be added to this business quiz, then you are most welcome to share them in your comments.

Business Quiz Questions - Part 2

Question: What is Colombia's chief export?
Answer: Cocaine

Question: What is the official currency of Portugal?
Answer: Euro

Question: What company was formerly known as Computing Tabulating Recording Company?
Answer: IBM

Question: What is Barbie's boyfriend, Ken's last name?
Answer: Carson

Question: Which car company owns Jaguar?
Answer: Ford

Question: What is the most famous product manufactured by the American company Anheuser Busch?
Answer: Budweiser beer

Question: What breed of dog advertises Dulux Paint on TV?
Answer: Old English sheepdog

Question: With regard to the record label what do the initials RCA stand for?
Answer: Radio Corporation of America

Question: Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered?
Answer: 7 Up

Question: JVC launched VHS format in 1976, but what does VHS stand for?
Answer: Video Home system

Question: Which country is Red Stripe lager originally from?
Answer: Jamaica

Question: What clothes designer said: 'A woman is as old as her knee'?
Answer: Mary Quant

Question: Complete this advertising slogan 'Murraymints, Murraymints...'?
Answer: The too good to hurry mints.

Question: Apart from water, what is the most widely consumed drink in the world, Coffee, Tea or Coca-Cola?
Answer: Tea

Question: Whose autobiography was entitled 'Losing my Virginity'?
Answer: Richard Branson

Question: What is the name of Hong Kong's airline?
Answer: Cathay Pacific

Question: What was introduced by Barclays Bank for the 1st Time on June 17th 1967?
Answer: First Cash Dispenser (ATM)

Question: Which goldsmith and jeweller was famous for ornate easter eggs?
Answer: Peter Faberge

Question: Which company is responsible for 'Mates' condoms?
Answer: Virgin

Question: Who designed the original 1936 Volkswagon?
Answer: Ferdinand Porche

Question: What won the toy of the year award in both 1980 and 1981?
Answer: The Rubik's Cube

Question: What does CNN stand for on the TV or Internet?
Answer: Cable News Network

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