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Countries with highest & lowest tax rate in world

We present you with the list of countries where you pay the highest and least tax. Prepared by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Taxing Wages 2017 report has revealed the nations where individuals pay the most and least taxes. The study is based on the calculation of "tax wedge," which includes personal income tax, employer, and employee social security contributions, subtracting the family benefits received as a share of total employer labor costs. The wedge is calculated for a single, childless worker earning the 2016 average national wage.

First, we look at 10 countries where workers pay the most tax:

10. Slovenia
Tax Wedge: 42.7%

9. Sweden
Tax Wedge: 42.8%

8. Czech Republic
Tax Wedge: 43%

7. Finland
Tax Wedge: 43.8%

6. Austria
Tax Wedge: 47.1%

5. Italy
Tax wedge: 47.8%

4. France
Tax wedge: 48.1%

3. Hungary
Tax wedge: 48.2%

2. Germany
Tax wedge: 49.4%

1. Belgium
Tax wedge: 54%

Now, let’s look at 10 countries where workers pay the least tax:

10. Canada
Tax wedge: 31.4%

9. United Kingdom
Tax wedge: 30.8%

8. Australia
Tax wedge: 28.6%

7. Ireland
Tax wedge: 27.1%

6. South Korea
Tax wedge: 22.2%

5. Israel
Tax wedge: 22.1%

4. Switzerland
Tax wedge: 21.8%

3. Mexico
Tax wedge: 20.1%

2. New Zealand
Tax wedge: 17.9%

1. Chile
Tax wedge: 7%

Click here to read the full report.

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