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Medicine and Health - Quiz Questions & Answers

  1. What do you call the Chinese system of healing with insertions of needles into the body?
  2. Which British biochemist first found the presence of vitamins in fresh food?
  3. (a) What oil is sometimes applied to gums and teeth to relieve pain?
    (b) What is the name of the drug or preparation used to induce vomiting, especially in food-poisoning?
  4. What is the difference between an artery and a vein?
  5. Match the following with their particular fields:
    (a) Joseph Lister - Blood circulation
    (b) Alexander Fleming - Bacteriology
    (c) Christian Barnard - Antiseptic surgery
    (d) William Harvey - Penicillin
    (e) Louis Pasteur - Heart transplant
  6. (a) Who is a Hypochondriac?
    (b) Give one word for the time of compulsory isolation to prevent the spread of infection or contagion.
  7. (a) What do you suffer from if you have Halitosis?
    (b) What is the common name for Hypertension?
  8. (a) What are the four major blood types?
    (b) In which part of the body are blood cells manufactured?
  9. What do the following stand for?
    (a) E.E.G.
    (b) E.C.G.
    (c) E.C.T.
  10. (a) Who is regarded as the ‘Father of Plastic Surgery’?
    (b) What is Homoeopathy?
  11. (a) Where would you find the medulla oblongata?
    (b) Which organ contains the Islets of Langerhans?
  12. (a) What is the medical name for Lockjaw?
    (b) What is the medical name for Cancer of the Blood?
  13. What do the following specialize in:
    (a) Phrenologist
    (b) Gerontologist
    (c) Pediatrician
    (d) Orthodontist
    (e) Radiologist
  14. What are these
    (a) goose bumps
    (b) funny bone
    (c) writer’s finger
  15. What is considered to be
    (a) the normal temperature of the human body
    (b) the pulse rate of a healthy adult
  16. Which is
    (a) the largest bone in the human body?
    (b) the smallest bone in the human body?
  17. What is the name given to the AIDS virus?
  18. (a) To which bone is the tongue attached?
    (b) What substance must mix with food to give taste?
    (c) What are you if you are short-sighted?
  19. For what is Sir Jonas Salk credited?
  20. Curing kidney stones without surgery has become possible in recent times. What is the name of the new method which uses certain waves to smash kidney stones?

Answers of Quiz Questions about Medicine & Health

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
  3. (a) Oil of cloves
    (b) An emetic
  4. An artery carries blood from the heart, while a vein conveys blood back to the heart
  5. (a) Joseph Lister - Antiseptic surgery
    (b) Alexander Fleming - Penicillin
    (c) Christian Barnard - Heart transplant
    (d) William Harvey - Blood circulation
    (e) Louis Pasteur - Bacteriology
  6. (a) a person who continually imagines he is ill
    (b) quarantine
  7. (a) bad breath
    (b) high blood pressure
  8. (a) A, B, AB, O
    (b) The bone-marrow
  9. (a) Electro Cardiogram
    (b) Electro Convulsive Therapy
  10. (a) Susruta, the ancient Indian man of medicine
    (b) Treatment of disease would produce symptoms of the disease.
  11. (a) In the brain
    (b) The Pancreas
  12. (a) Tetanus
    (b) Leukemia
  13. (a) Study of skull features
    (b) diseases of old age
    (c) Care and treatment of infants and children
    (d) a specialist in the treatment of problems concerning the position of the teeth and jaws.
    (e) X-rays body parts and organs for diagnosis
  14. (a) Tiny muscles under the skin’s surface which contract and make the hairs stand up, causing small bumps.
    (b) The spot on the back of the elbow where the ulna nerve rests against the humerus bone
    (c) A callus or hardening of the skin caused by constant pressure from holding a pen or pencil
  15. (a) 98.4F
    (b) 70-80 beats
  16. (a) the femur or thigh bone
    (b) the stirrup or stapes in the ear
  17. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
  18. (a) The hyoid bone
    (b) Saliva
    (c) Myopic
  19. For introducing a vaccine against Poliomyelitis in 1954.
  20. Lithotripsy

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