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Medical Discoveries - Quiz Questions about Medical Discoveries with Answers

  1. Who was the Founder of Homoeopathy?
  2. Which Indian doctor discovered a cure for Kala-azar (Visceral Leishmaniasis)?
  3. Who first isolated bacilli?
  4. Who discovered X-rays?
  5. Who discovered in 1720, an instrument for measuring body temperature?
  6. Who discovered the importance of vaccination against Small-Pox?
  7. Who discovered the Malaria Parasite?
  8. Who is regarded as the Father of Psycho analysis?
  9. Who invented the first man-made insecticide, D.D.T.?
  10. Who discovered the ‘benefits of chloroform surgery’?
  11. In 1816, an instrument for listening to the sound made by the heart and lungs was discovered. What was it and who was the discoverer?
  12. Who discovered the Anti-Rabies Vaccine in 1882?
  13. Who invented the Bifocal lens?
  14. When was the Iron-Lung invented?
  15. What did J.B. Priestley discover in 1774?
  16. Which operation was pioneered by Dr. Christian Barnard in 1967?
  17. Who discovered the cure for scurvy?
  18. Who invented the Contact-Lenses?
  19. What was discovered by Frederick Banting in 1932 which gave relief to sufferers of diabetes?
  20. What discovery by Madam Curie led to a breakthrough in the fight against the dreaded disease, cancer?

Answers to Medical Discoveries Quiz Questions

  1. C.F.S. Hahnemann
  2. Dr. U.M. Brahmachari
  3. Robert Koch in 1885
  4. William Rontgen in 1895
  5. G.B. Fahrenheit discovered the Thermometer.
  6. Sir Edward Jenner in 1796
  7. Ronald Ross
  8. Dr. Sigmund Freud
  9. Paul Muller in 1939
  10. Sir James Simpson in 1847
  11. Ren Laennec discovered the stethoscope in 1816
  12. Louis Pasteur
  13. Benjamin Franklin in 1780
  14. The Iron-Lung was invented by Philip Drinker of Harvard, USA in 1929.
  15. Oxygen
  16. Heart Transplant
  17. James Lind (1716-94) discovered the cure for scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency in diet
  18. The first contact lenses were made by A. E. Fink in 1887.
  19. Insulin
  20. Radium

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