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High Security License Number Plates For Vehicles in India

The Supreme Court of India has directed all States as well as Union Territories to implement the scheme of high security number plates for vehicles in India from April 30, 2012. Manufacturer firm "Shimnit Utsch" was formed with an objective of manufacturing High Security License Plates in India to cater to the specifications as defined by the Government of India.

High Security Number Plate Specifications

High Security Number Plate in India

Here are the specifications of high security number plates for vehicles in India.

  • Hot Stamped Chromium based hologram
  • Ingressed IND Legend
  • Laser etched 9 charactered code
  • Security Inscript
  • Snap Lock

The existing system of display of registration mark has the following flaws:

  1. People paint the registration mark in any fancy painting, any size, with undesirable monograms, etc.
  2. The repainting or change of registration plate is very easy, whereby criminals get away unnoticed. The fake registration plate encourages robberies and road based crimes.
  3. Deceptive/fancy registration mark creates a lot of inconvenience in identifying the vehicle involved in crimes, traffic offences, road rage, or hit and run cases.
  4. Roadside registration mark painting shows a backwardness of the country and is out of sync with modem technology automobiles.
  5. Under the existing system, where all records are manually created and maintained, it is difficult to compile national data of motor vehicles. HSRP will help in creating computerised data of old registered vehicles and new vehicles at places where computerised records are not maintained at present. With the networking of all RTOs, it will become easy to prepare national data of motor vehicles.

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