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Basketball Quiz Questions with Answers

1. Who invented the game of Basketball?
Answer: Dr. James Naismith;

2. When and where was it first played?
Answer: In 1891 at Springfield College, Massachusetts, U.S.A.;

3. What is the circumference and the weight of the ball?
Answer: 30 inches, 20-22 oz.;

4. What are the measurement of the court?
Answer: 94x50 feet;

5. What area is called the "key"?
Answer: The 6-foot semi-circle used for free throws;

6. How high from the ground is the ring of the basket?
Answer: 10 feet;

7. How many players does a basketball team consist of and how many can play at a time?
Answer: 10, 5;

8. In International competitions how are the vests numbered?
Answer: 4 to 15;

9. How does the game begin?
Answer: By "Jump Ball" - the referee tossing up the ball in the centre circle;

10. Which ancient South American game played in the Yucatan peninsula is somewhat similar to basketball?
Answer: Pok- tapok;

11. Which Mexican sixteenth century sport similar to basketball allowed the successful player to claim the clothing of all the spectators?
Answer: Ollamalitzli;

12. How many points are awarded for a basket?
Answer: Two

13. When was FIBA (International Amateur Basketball Federation) formed?
Answer: 1932;

14. When was Basketball included in the Olympics and who won?
Answer: 1936, U.S.A.;

15. When was women’s Basketball included as an Olympic event and who won?
Answer: 1976, U.S.S.R.;

16. When was the Men’s World Championship first held and who won?
Answer: 1950, Argentina;

17. And when was the Women’s World championship first held and who won?
Answer: 1953, U.S.A.;

18. When and where were the Nationals first held?
Answer: 1934, Delhi;

19. What trophy is awarded to the winners of the National (Men’s) Championship?
Answer: Edward William Todd Memorial Cup;

20. What trophy is awarded to the winners of the National (Women’s) Championship?
Answer: Basalat Jab Trophy;

21. Since when have the Nationals become an annual affair?
Answer: 1951, earlier these used to be biennial;

22. When was the Junior National Championship started?
Answer: 1965;

23. When did India achieve its first success in International Basketball?
Answer: 1962 (Lahore), Quadrangular League Tournament;

24. Name the most famous professional basketball team?
Answer: Harlem Globetrotters;

25. When did the I.B.F. propose a rule banning players taller than 6 feet 3 inches?
Answer: 1936 Olympics, it was later withdrawn;

26. The 1936 Olympics was held outdoors on clay and sand courts. True and False?
Answer: True;

27. The U.S.A. had a 63-game winning streak in Basketball in Olympics. When did it end?
Answer: 1972, Munich;

28. Who opposed the U.S.A. in the 1936 final and what was the score?
Answer: Canada, 19-8;

29. Which country lost two successive match in the 1948 Olympics by 100 points?
Answer: Iraq (20-120 to Korea and 25-125 to China);

30. Which country has won most Olympic title (Men) and how many?
Answer: U.S.A., 9;

31. What is the record of the highest score in an international match?
Answer: 251-33, Iraq beat Yemen, New Delhi, 1982;

32. Who is the tallest player to have played international Basketball?
Answer: Suleiman Ali Nashnush (Libya), 8 feet;

33. And the tallest international basketball player amongst women?
Answer: Iuliana Semenova (U.S.S.R.), 7 ft 2 in.;

34. Besides the U.S.A. which other countries have won the Olympics gold in Men’s Basketball?
Answer: U.S.S.R. (1972 and 1988) and Yugoslavia (1980);

35. And in women’s, which countries have won the gold?
Answer: U.S.S.R., 1976 and 1980, and U.S.A., 1984, 1988;

36. What is maximum attendance ever for a Basketball game?
Answer: 75,000 at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, in 1951 in an exhibition match featuring Harlem Globetrotters;

37. Who has played the most Games in his lifetime?
Answer: Karim Abdul Jabbar (U.S.A.), 1486;

38. And who has scored the most field goals?
Answer: K.A. Jabbar (formerly Lew Alcindor);

39. When was Women’s Basketball included in the Asian Games? Who won?
Answer: 1974, Japan;

40. Which country won the Men’s title in four successive Asiads?
Answer: Philippines (1951 to 1962).

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