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Football Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 1

1. What does F.I.F.A. stand for?
Answer: Federation Internationale de Football Association

2. When was it founded?
Answer: 21 May 1904 in Paris

3. Which is the oldest football club in the world?
Answer: Sheffield F.C., England (founded 24.10.1857, latest in formation reveals it was founded in 1855, Guinness Soccer)

4. When were "11 A Side" Football Games standardized?
Answer: 1870

5. Who invented the word "Soccer" for football?
Answer: Charles W. Brown (England)

6. Is it essential for the players to wear numbered shirts during play?
Answer: Yes

7. When did this system of numbered shirts begin?
Answer: 1939

8. What is the size of the football field?
Answer: The length of a pitch must be between 100 yards (90m) and 130 yards (120m) and the width not less than 50 yards (45m) and not more than 100 yards (90m).

9. Can the football ground be a square pitch of a total area equivalent to the above?
Answer: No, it must be rectangular

10. When were crossbars first introduced in the goals?
Answer: 1875, earlier to this tapes were used.

11. Since when have goal nets been in use?
Answer: 1891 in England (North vs. South match)

12. When was the penalty kick first introduced?
Answer: 1891

13. What are the essential items that a football referee has to carry?
Answer: (i) Whistle, (ii) Coin, (iii) Watch, (iv) Notebook, (v) Pencil, (vi) Ball, (vii) Colored cards

14. When is the ball considered out of play?
Answer: (a) When it has crossed the goal or touchline on the ground and (b) when the referee stops the game

15. If a team scores on the stroke of half time or full time, must the ball be kicked off again before the referee signals the interval or end of play?
Answer: No, not necessary

16. What is a "bicycletta"?
Answer: Overhead kick

17. When was the first radio commentary of a football match broadcast?
Answer: 1928, F.A. Cup Final, England

18. Which was the first football match to be televised?
Answer: 1938, Arsenal vs. Preston

19. What is the size of the goal?
Answer: 8 yards wide and 8 feet high

20. Can you score a goal directly from a flag kick?
Answer: Yes

21. Can you be "off side" from a flag kick?
Answer: No

22. When and where was the first World Cup championship played?
Answer: Uruguay, 1930

23. How many countries took part in it and who won?
Answer: 13, Uruguay

24. How many times has the World Cup championship been held and where?
Answer: 13, Uruguay, Italy, France, Brazil Switzerland, Sweden, Chile, England, Mexico (twice), West Germany, Argentina and Spain

25. Which country won the Jules Rimet Trophy outright by winning the World Cup thrice?
Answer: Brazil (1958, 1962 and 1970)

26. What trophy is awarded to the Football World Cup winners these days?
Answer: FIFA Cup

27. Which other country has won the World Cup thrice?
Answer: Italy (1934. 1938 and 1982)

28. Who is the only player to have been a member of the World Cup winning team thrice?
Answer: Pele (Brazil)

29. Who has played in the maximum number of World Cup competitions?
Answer: Antonio Carbajal of Mexico, 5 (1950, 54,58,62,66)

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