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Twitter Verified Account - How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified?

You may have noticed that some Twitter accounts display a blue "Verified Badge" on their Twitter Profile. Any account with a Verified Badge is a Twitter Verified Account. Twitter uses this to establish authenticity of well known accounts so users can trust that a legitimate source is authoring their Tweets.

Twitter Account Verification

Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities on Twitter. The goal of this program is to limit user confusion by making it easier to identify authentic accounts on Twitter. Twitter started verifying user accounts to reduce cases of celebrity impersonation and mistaken identities. If you are a Twitter user and interested in getting your twitter account verified then there is a "User Verification Form" that you can fill online and submit, however the chances to get a Verified Account Badge are very few unless you are a famous personality or work at Twitter.

How to Get My Twitter Account Verified?

Please follow the steps below to get your twitter account verified. To get your Twitter account verified, just log in to your Twitter account, fill the Account Verification Request form (URL Given Below) and submit it.

  1. Read the terms of a Verified Account at this link. These terms explain what a verified account is, what it means to be verified, who has the verified badge, identifying a verified account, etc.
  2. Apply for a verified account using the Twitter Verification Request Form. You will be asked for following items.
    • Account Name
    • Full Name
    • Location
    • Official Website URL (with a suggestion to put the Twitter logo or badge on your official website to speed up verification process)
    • Bio Information (about yourself in less than 160 characters)
    • Primary Contact Name (referring to the individual who manages the account)
    • Additional Contact Information
  3. Wait for Twitter’s response. If you don’t get a reply in a few days, you can contact Twitter at

This is the process you should follow for a verified account on Twitter. To improve your chances of getting verified, you can add a Twitter badge linking to your Twitter profile on your website.

Why to get your Twitter account verified?

If you’re well known personality, you might be considering getting your Twitter account "verified", so that followers know that you’re the real person to follow.

Important Note: According to twitter’s website, Verification is used to establish authenticity for accounts who deal with identity confusion regularly on Twitter. Verified Accounts must be public and actively tweeting. This program is currently closed to the public. This means twitter is not able to accept public requests for verification.

Why is the verification program currently closed?

Twitter’s public beta version of account verification is no longer available. After a long period of manual testing, they have closed public applications. Twitter has also removed the verification request form for public users. In the meantime, they are still verifying through some trusted sources, such as their advertisers and partners. If you’re one of the partners or advertisers at twitter, please follow up with your account manager for details.

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