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Traditions and Customs Quiz Questions & Answers

Why do Christian brides traditionally wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger? What did handshaking originally symbolize? Which people traditionally smoke a pipe of peace? What primitive religion is still practiced in the West Indies, notably in... Read More

India Business Quiz Questions with Answers

Here is a collection of 45 business quiz questions about India Business World along with the answers. If you have any suggestions for addition to this business quiz then please send them in your comments. India Business Quiz 1. "We have learned... Read More

Mythology Quiz Questions with Answers - Part 1

Who is regarded as the King of the Gods in (a) Roman (b) Greek (c) Inca (d) Norse (a) What was the half-man and half-horse in mythology called? (b) What was the name of the winged horse of the Gods? What was the name of the ... Read More

Animals Quiz for Kids - Multiple Choice Animal Quiz Questions

Test your knowledge with our Animals Quiz for Kids and see how much do you know about animal kingdom. This fun quiz will not only judge how good a child is at quizzing but also improve his knowledge of animal kingdom. Enjoy our fun trivia for kids... Read More

Color Symphony - Quiz Questions with Answers

Through which six countries does the “Blue Danube” flow? Which is the Red Planet? What four seas are named after colors? What is the color of mourning in China? Who was the artist who gave his name to a shade of red,... Read More

Transport and Travel - Quiz Qustions & Answers

Who would ride in the following? (a) Kayak (b) Dhow (c) Gondola (d) Junk (a) Who were the first men to fly in a balloon? (b) Who were the first men to fly in a powered aircraft? Which Hindu God’s name is now used to describe a large heavy... Read More

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