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Business Quiz Questions and Answers - Business Quiz Part 1

This is first part of the business quiz questions & answers. These are all the Business quiz questions added so far with answers. This business quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the international business brands, taglines of multinational companies, airlines & different countries. It is a very nice collection of business quiz questions with answers. If you have more questions and answers to be added to this business quiz, then you are most welcome to share them in your comments.

Business Quiz Questions - Part 1

Question: Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purposes?
Answer: Jeep (GP)

Question: What is the name of the mascot on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce?
Answer: The spirit of ecstasy

Question: Who invented jeans?
Answer: Levi Straus

Question: Arthur Andersen is an Accounting Firm which has been dissolved following their involvement in which scandal?
Answer: Enron Scandal

Question: Which Indian IT company is a Joint venture between BT and M&M?
Answer: Tech Mahindra

Question: The Journal first published in 1889, featured the Jones ’Average’, the first of several indexes of stock and bond prices on the New York Stock Exchange. How do we know that today?
Answer: Wall Street Journal

Question: The world’s first university-based executive education was created in 1931 at MIT under the sponsorship which stalwart of GM?
Answer: Alfred P. Sloan

Question: Which company owns ’Hotmail’, the Internet based e-mail system?
Answer: Microsoft

Question: South Africa is the world’s largest producer of 3 metals. Platinum and Gold are 2 of them, what’s the third?
Answer: Chromite

Question: Which designer is credited with inventing the mini-skirt?
Answer: Mary Quant

Question: Which car is featured in the film Back to the Future?
Answer: De Lorean

Question: The Baht is the monetary unit of which country?
Answer: Thailand

Question: What is the national airline of Spain?
Answer: Iberia

Question: Which was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars?
Answer: Daimler

Question: Which car manufacturer uses a badge consisting of 4 interlocked circles?
Answer: Audi

Question: In which country is Sikorsky Helicopters’ head office?
Answer: America

Question: What is the currency of Turkey?
Answer: Lira

Question: Which company manufactured Lancaster bomber?
Answer: Avro

Question: How many old pennies were there in Half a Crown?
Answer: 30

Question: In which country are Saab cars manufactured?
Answer: Sweden

Question: Excluding India name 2 other countries that use the rupee as currency.
Answer: India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

Question: London’s Drury Lane is associated with which industry?
Answer: Theatre

Question: What commodity is traditionally measured in units called a Truss?
Answer: Hay/Straw

Question: What is the national airline of Spain?
Answer: Iberia

Question: What is the national airline of Ireland?
Answer: Aer Lingus

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