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Football Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 4

88. Which country has most often been a finalist in Asian Games Football?
Answer: Korea;

89. Can you name the oldest Football Club of India?
Answer: Dalhousie Club, Calcutta (1878);

90. Where and when did the Durand Cup begin?
Answer: Shimla, 1888;

91. When did Durand Cup shifted from Shimla to Delhi?
Answer: 1945;

92. Durand Football Cup has been named after whom?
Answer: Sir Mortimer Durand;

93. When did Calcutta’s famous I.F.A. Shield Tournament begin?
Answer: 1893;

94. Who won it in its inaugural year?
Answer: Royal Irish Rifles;

95. When was the Rovers Cup Tournament first held and who won it in its inaugural year?
Answer: 1891, 1st Battalion Worcester Regiment;

96. What trophy is awarded to the winner of the Inter-University Football Tournament?
Answer: Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Memorial Shield;

97. Who is the only Indian to have scored a hat-trick in the Olympics?
Answer: Neville D. Souza against Australia in 1956;

98. How many times has India qualified for the World Cup Football?
Answer: Once in 1950 from the Asian Group;

99. When and where did the Asian Youth Soccer tournament begin?
Answer: 1959, Kuala Lumper;

100. When did India win this tournament?
Answer: 1974;

101. What is the age limit in this tournament?
Answer: Below 20 years;

102. During India’s first participation in the 1948 Olympics, who captained India?
Answer: Dr. T. Ao;

103. Who captained India when they won they won the Gold in the first Asiad?
Answer: Sailen Manna;

104. What trophy is awarded to the National Champions?
Answer: Santosh Trophy;

105. After whom is the Santosh Trophy named?
Answer: Sir Manmatha Roy Chaudhury of Santosh;

106. What trophy is awarded to the winners of the junior Nationals?
Answer: Dr. B.C. Roy Trophy;

107. To whom is the Kamala Nehru Trophy awarded?
Answer: Inter-Zone Women’s Football Champions;

108. Which famous junior (boys) tournament is held annually at Delhi?
Answer: Subroto Mukerjee Cup;

109. When did it first begin? After whom is it named?
Answer: 1960, Late Subroto Mukerjee was India’s Air Force Chief;

110. What does the word Merdeka mean as used in the Merdeka Football Tournament?
Answer: Independence;

111. When did it first begin?
Answer: 1957;

112. Who holds the record of scoring most goals in his club career?
Answer: Artur Freidenreich 1329 goals in Brazilian Football (1910-1930);
113. Who holds the record of scoring most goals in an international match?
Answer: 10, S. Nielson, Denmark vs. France (1908) and G. Fuchs, Germany vs. Russia (1912);

114. Who holds the record of most goals scored in European Cup matches?
Answer: 49, Alfredo di Stefano (Real Madrid);

115. When was the "Golden Boot Award" for Europe’s leading goalscorer first introduced and who won it first?
Answer: 1967-68, Eusebio (Benfica);

116. Who is the first footballer to win this award a second time?
Answer: Eusebio in 1972-73;

117. Which International goalkeeper did not allow a goal in for a record 1, 142 minutes of international play between September 1972 and June 1974?
Answer: Dino Zoff (Italy)

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