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Business Quiz Part 3 - Business Quiz Questions and Answers

This is third part of the business quiz series with questions & answers. These are all the business quiz questions added so far with answers. This business quiz is being provided to with an emphasis on the international business brands, taglines of multinational companies, airlines & different countries. It is a very nice collection of business quiz questions with answers. If you have more questions and answers to be added to this business quiz, then you are most welcome to share them in your comments.

Business Quiz Questions & Answers - Part 3

Question: What was the first country to issue postage stamps?
Answer: Great Britain

Question: What was the name of the Japanese virtual pets that became very popular throughout the world in 1997?
Answer: Tamagotchi

Question: Which company who make toy cars and other models won the first toy of the year award in 1965 for a model Aston Martin from the first James Bond film?
Answer: Corgi

Question: What is the subject of speciality publishing company Haynes?
Answer: Car manuals

Question: Which company sponsors both Manchester United and the England Cricket team?
Answer: Vodaphone

Question: The Citizen is a tabloid newspaper. What is the Star?
Answer: Broadsheet

Question: What was the only type of wood used by Thomas Chippendale?
Answer: Mahogany

Question: Which company based in Clemont-Ferrand, is the largest producer of tyres in France and is now involved in Formula One racing?
Answer: Michelin.

Question: In which country was the Audi car first made?
Answer: Germany

Question: Walter Fredrick Morrison sold the rights to his ’Pluto Platter’ in 1955, but under what name did this toy become popular?
Answer: Frisbee

Question: What do the initials ’MG’ stand for on the British made car?
Answer: Morris Garage

Question: What is the name of the USA’s national rail network?
Answer: AMTRAC

Question: Which company opened the first Burger Restaurant in Britain in 1954?
Answer: Wimpy

Question: What did Martin Stone invent in 1888 that millions of suckers use every day?
Answer: Drinking Straw

Question: On what street in London is the Bank of England situated?
Answer: Threadneedle Street

Question: What name did the Standard Oil Co. of California adopt?
Answer: ESSO

Question: What giant car company almost went out of business in 1981?
Answer: Chrysler

Question: Hailed as Dior’s successor, which, then 23-year-old French fashion designer held his first major Paris show in 1958?
Answer: Yves St. Laurent

Question: Who designed the first modern petrol-driven internal combustion engine for the car?
Answer: Gottlieb Daimler

Question: What did the Barbie Doll get in 2000, which it hadn’t had before?
Answer: A belly-button

Question: Which automobile company makes the ’Mini’?
Answer: BMW

Question: Which American company owns CNN broadcasting and ’People’ magazine?
Answer: AOL Time Warner

Question: Lending her name to a famous brand, who was the Greek Goddess of Victory?
Answer: Nike

Question: Which family owns the American wrestling federation, the WWF?
Answer: The MacMahons

Question: What currency is used in Japan?
Answer: Yen

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