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Famous Battles and Generals - Quiz Questions with Answers

  1. Which enemy did Drake refuse to fight until he had finished his game of bowls?
  2. “The boy stood on the burning deck” – in which battle and on which ship was he?
  3. Which famous German Battleship was destroyed in the North Atlantic in May 1941?
  4. (a) Many Warships were sunk by the Japanese in December 1941, in which U.S. naval Base?
    (b) Which agreement did Hitler violate by crossing the Czech border?
  5. State who commended the following forces at the Battle of Waterloo:
    (a) The English Forces
    (b)The opposing Forces
  6. (a) At which battle was “The Charge of The Light Brigade”?
    (b) During which war did Florence Nightingale Begin her work?
  7. (a) The news of a Greek victory was carried to Athens by an Olympian runner who died after delivering the message. Where was the Battle fought?
    (b) Which general of Ancient Carthage is associated with his march across the Alps, including elephants?
  8. After a distinguished military career, he became President of the U.S.A. in 1952. What was his name?
  9. (a) Who led the renowned “Chindits” in guerilla operations against the Japanese in Burma?
    (b) Which Boer General became the first premier of the South African Union?
  10. (a) Which city was captured during the Greek-Trojan War by a trick involving a wooden horse?
    (b) When and where did Caesar defeat Pompey?
  11. Which Spartan General was responsible for ending the Peloponnesian War?
  12. Who fought the Opium war of 1839-42?
  13. (a) Name the revolutionary leader who overthrew the Batista regime in Cuba.
    (b) This general, called the “man of destiny” in his country, led the “Free French” fighting forces during World War II and ended the post-war political confusion in his country.
  14. This king won such a costly victory that his name is now associated with any victory which costs more than it is worth.
  15. (a) Lord Nelson was killed and the French Fleet destroyed at the same battle. What was that battle?
    (b) Who commanded the Allied Forces at the Battle of Alamein?
  16. Which European King and General built an empire in his own lifetime stretching from the Mediterranean to North-west India, yet died at the age of 33?
  17. Which year saw the ’Emergence of Bangladesh’?
  18. (a) Name the Chinese President who was forced by the Communists to retire in 1949.
    (b) Who was the leader of the Vietnam revolutionary nationalist party of Indo-China and later the President of North Vietnam?
  19. State who the following were:
    (a) Samurai
    (b) Shogun
    (c) Kamikaze
  20. Who “held the bridge” to prevent the Etruscans from crossing the Tiber to Rome?

Quiz Answers

  1. The Spanish Armada
  2. The Battle of the Nile (1798). The boy was on the French ship “Orient”.
  3. Bismark
  4. (a) Pearl Harbor
    (b) The Munich Agreement
  5. (a) The Duke of Wellington commended the English Army.
    (b) Napoleon Bonaparte commended the opposing army.
  6. (a) The Battle of Balaclava in 1854)
    (b) The Crimean War
  7. (a) Marathon 490 B.C.
    (b) Hannibal
  8. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  9. (a) Major General Orde Charles Wingate
    (b) Louis Botha
  10. (a) Troy
    (b) At Pharsalus in 48 B.C.
  11. Lysander
  12. Britain and China
  13. (a) Fidel Castro
    (b) General Charles de Gaulle
  14. Pyrrhus
  15. (a) The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
    (b) Field-Marshal Montgomery
  16. Alexander, the Great
  17. At the end of the 16 day Indo-Pakistan War in 1971, the Pakistani army surrendered on December 1 6, 1971 and Bangladesh was born.
  18. (a) General Chiang Kai-Shek
    (b) Dr. Ho Chi-Minh
  19. (a) Legendary warriors, Japanese army officers
    (b) Military governors or dictators
    (c) Suicide Pilots
  20. Horatius

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