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Other Names - Quiz Questions & Answers

  1. Which countries are called
    (a) the Cockpit of Europe
    (b) the Playground of Europe
  2. Which rivers are known as
    (a) China’s sorrow
    (b) Bengal’s sorrow
  3. Where would you find the “Never Never Land”?
  4. What name is given to the Atlantic Ocean?
  5. Which centre of learning is called “The City of Dreaming Spires”?
  6. Identify them:
    (a) Dark Continent
    (b) Island Continent
  7. What are the “Pillars of Hercules”?
  8. By what names are these known?
    (a) Bahrain
    (b) Ireland
    (c) Zanzibar
  9. Which is the world’s “Loneliest Island”?
  10. Name the countries associated with the following:
    (a) The Land of the Golden Pagodas
    (b) The Land of the Morning Calm
    (c) The Land of a Thousand Lakes
  11. What are original names of the countries?
    (a) the Eternal City
    (b) the Forbidden City
    (c) the Windy City
    (d) the Granite City
  12. Where would you find the following?
    (a) the Blue Mountains
    (b) the Roof of the World
  13. What are the other names given to the following?
    (a) Jaipur
    (b) Venice
    (c) Washington
    (d) Paris
  14. What is known as “The Power Keg of Europe”?
  15. Mention the cities related to these names.
    (a) the Venice of the North
    (b) the Venice of the South
  16. What are the names of:
    (a) Thailand
    (b) Bhutan
  17. Which country is called “The sugar Bowl of the World”?
  18. To which countries these names are given?
    (a) The Land of the Rising Sun
    (b) The Land of the midnight Sun
  19. (a) What is the “Gift of the Nile”?
    (b) Which city is known as “The Pearl of the Orient”?
  20. (a) Where would you find the “White Man’s Grave”?
    (b) Who is “Uncle Sam”?


  1. (a) Belgium
    (b) Switzerland
  2. (a) The Hwang-Ho
    (b) The Damodhar
  3. In Northern Australia
  4. Herring Pond
  5. Oxford
  6. (a) Africa
    (b) Australia
  7. The Straits of Gibraltar
  8. (a) Island of Pearls
    (b) Emerald Island
    (c) Island of Cloves
  9. Tristan da Cunha
  10. (a) Burma (Myanmar)
    (b) Korea
    (c) Finland
  11. (a) Rome
    (b) Lhasa (Tibet)
    (c) Chicago
    (d) Aberdeen (Scotland)
  12. (a) Nilgiris, South India
    (b) The Pemir, Asia
  13. (a) The Rose-Pink City
    (b) The Bride of the Adriatic
    (c)The City of Magnificent Distances
    (d) The City of Lights
  14. The Balkans
  15. (a) Stockholm
    (b) Kochi, Kerala
  16. (a) The Land of the White Elephant
    (b) The Land of the Thunderbolt
  17. Cuba
  18. (a) Japan
    (b) Norway
  19. (a) Egypt
    (b) Singapore
  20. (a) Guinea Coast, Africa
    (b) The United States of America

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