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Football Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 2

30. Who has been the youngest World Cup player?
Answer: Norman Whiteside (Northern Ireland) vs. Yugoslavia (1982), he was 17 years and 42 days old.

31. Who has scored the most goals in World Cup?
Answer: Gerd Muller (West Germany) has scored the most goals 14, in two World Cups (1970 and 1974); 10 in 1970 and 4 in 1974.

32. Who holds the record of most goals scored in a single World Cup competition?
Answer: 13, Just Fontaine (France) in 1958.

33. Has there ever been a World Cup final in which the teams have failed to score?
Answer: No, both the teams have always scored.

34. What is the highest score in a World Cup match (preliminary and final round inclusive)?
Answer: 13-0, New Zealand beat Fiji.

35. Who holds the record of scoring the fastest goal in a World Cup competition?
Answer: Bryan Robson in 27 seconds, England vs. France, 1982.

36. What is Pele’s real and full name?
Answer: Edson Arantesldo Nascimanto

37. Pele was a member of which famous Brazilian Club?
Answer: Santos

38. Which American club did Pele play for in his last playing days?
Answer: Cosmos

39. How many World Cups did Pele play in and how many goals did he score?
Answer: 3, 12 goals

40. What was Pele’s career record before he joined Cosmos?
Answer: 1216 goals from 1254 matches (All told he scored 1218 goals)

41. Who is nicknamed Kaiser Franz?
Answer: Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany), former captain and current coach

42. To which country do the following famous players belong: (a) Ferenc Puskas, (b) Alfredo di Stefano (c) Didi
Answer: (a) Hungary, (b) Argentina, (c) Brazil

43. Which country holds the World Cup currently?
Answer: Argentina

44. Have they ever won earlier, if so when and where?
Answer: Yes, 1978 in Argentina

45. Which other countries have won the World Cup twice?
Answer: Uruguay (1930 and 1950) and West Germany (1954 and 1974)

46. Out of the six countries who have won the World Cup, which nation has won it just once?
Answer: England, in 1966.

47. Where was the 15th (1994) World Cup football scheduled to be held?
Answer: U.S.A.

48. Who scored the last goal for Brazil in the 1970 final to give Brazil the right to keep the "Jules Rimet Trophy"?
Answer: Carlos Alberto

49. Where was the 1970 final played?
Answer: Aztec Stadium, Mexico City

50. Who was called the "Female Pele"?
Answer: Beverley Ranger (U.K.)

51. Who has scored most goals in a World Cup final?
Answer: Geoff Hurts (England) vs. West Germany in 1966.

52. Name the two players who have played 21 games in the World Cup - recording the most appearances in final tournaments?
Answer: Uwe Seeler (West Germany) and Wladysslaw Zinuda (Poland)

53. What is the highest score recorded in a first class match?
Answer: 36-0, the result of a Scottish Cup football match between Arbroath and Bon Accord which took place on 12 September 1885.

54. And what is the highest in an international game?
Answer: England beat Australia 17-0 in 1951.

55. What was unique about England’s goalkeeper Foulke?
Answer: At 6 feet 3 and 311 lbs, he has been the most massive football goalkeeper ever.

56. When were the first rules of the game of Football framed and where?
Answer: 1848, Cambridge, England.

57. When did the Football referees first use whistles?
Answer: 1878

58. The original F.A. Cup begun in 1871 was stolen in 1895. From where it was stolen? Was it replaced?
Answer: From a shop window in Birmingham. It was never found.

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