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Mountains, Volcanoes & Deserts - Quiz Questions with Answers

See how much you know about mountains, volcanoes, and deserts with this quiz.

  1. Which African peak is known as “The Mountain of the Cold Devils”?
  2. Mont Blanc lies within the territories of which three countries?
  3. Which range of mountains in Africa takes its name from a mythological character condemned to support the universe on his shoulders?
  4. Two continents are separated by one range of mountains; Name the continents and the mountains.
  5. Where are these?
    (a) Atacama Desert
    (b) Thar Desert
  6. Where are the following volcanoes:
    (a) Cotopaxi
    (b) Kerentji
    (c) Mt. Meru
  7. What is the name of the two largest Passes through the Austrian Alps?
  8. (a) Name the great desert between China and Mongolia;
    (b) Name the two largest deserts in Africa, one being in the north and the other in the south.
  9. Which mountains form the backbone of the Italian Peninsula?
  10. What is the name of the famous active volcano on the island of Sicily?
  11. Which mountains are the backbone of:
    (a) North America
    (b) South America
  12. Where are the following mountains?
    (a) The Pennines
    (b) Popocatepetl
  13. In which range of mountains is Everest?
  14. On which of the Italian Lipari Islands is there a famous volcano?
  15. What well-known mountain range in turkey is also the name of a sign of the Zodiac?
  16. Where is
    (a) Mt. Egmont
    (b) Mt. Erebus
  17. In which mountains do the following rivers are?
    (a) The Amazon
    (b) The Porise
  18. All continents have deserts except one, which continent?
  19. Where the following mountain ranges are?
    (a) K-2 Mt. Godwin Austen
    (b) Fujiyama
  20. Which is the longest mountain range in the world?


  1. Mount Kilimanjaro
  2. France, Switzerland, and Italy
  3. The Atlas Mountains
  4. Europe and Asia; the Ural Mountains
  5. (a) Chile
    (b) India
  6. (a) Ecuador
    (b) Sumatra
    (c) Tanzania
  7. Brenner and Semmering
  8. (a) The Gobi Desert
    (b) (i) Sahara (North), (ii) Kalahari (South)
  9. The Apennines
  10. Etna (the highest volcano in Europe)
  11. (a) The Rockies
    (b) The Andes
  12. (a) England
    (b) Mexico
  13. The Himalayas
  14. Stromboli
  15. Taurus
  16. (a) North Island, New Zealand
    (b) Ross Island, Antarctica
  17. (a) Andes
    (b) French Alps
  18. Europe
  19. (a) Karakoram
    (b) Japan
  20. The Andes in South America is the longest mountain range – 15,000 miles long.

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