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Business Quiz Questions & Answers - Business Quiz Collection

This is a useful collection of business quiz questions along with answers. These business questions are helpful for playing corporate quiz contests and business quizzes. Please contribute to this growing list of business quiz questions in the form of your comments.

Business Quiz Questions with Answers

What was founded by Herb Kelleher in 1973 in Dallas, Texas, USA?

Answer: South West Airlines

The former chairman of Proctor & Gamble, Edwin L.Artzt got a nickname for his demanding and harsh treatment of his subordinates. How he nick-named?

Answer: Wrecking Ball

Shashi Chimala sold his IT startup Indigo Technologies to Chennai-based SSi technologies before eyeing his new venture which is totally unrelated to his previous field. Name it?

Answer: Qwikys Coffee

Who endorsed the shaving product ’Erasmic’, a brand owned by Hindustan Lever Limited, in the 1970s?

Answer: Tony Creig

In the business context, what is claimed to the fame of Ahus, a town in Sweden?

Answer: Manufacturing Base of Absolut Vodka

Which NRI businessman owns the Caparo Group?

Answer: Lord Swaraj Paul

Cannaught Plaza Restaurants and Hardcastle Restaurants have had the responsibility for the entry of Which MNC to India?

Answer: McDonalds

N.Thanu got a double first-class in BA from Loyola College, Madras. He worked as an illustrator in Ananda Vikatan and later with The Indian Express and Swarajya. Which famous organization was founded by him?

Answer: Brilliant Tutorials

Which Indian industrialist owned Tail Winds limited?

Answer: Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways

What was built under project 178?

Answer: FIAT cars Siena, Siena Weekend, and Palio

This famous business personality earned money by repairing toy trains when he was 13. His father escaped from the British Police in 1920 and landed in the USA with $20 in his pocket and later married an American school teacher and settled in Philadelphia. His corporate headquarters is known as "The Mountain". Identify him.

Answer: Dr. Amar Bose

Which famous corporate was founded in 1894 in Zlin and made its presence in India in 1931 and commenced the manufacturing of shoes at the Batanagar plant in 1936?

Answer: BATA Shoes

Name the world’s largest fully integrated Live Entertainment company?

Answer: SFX (Spectacular Fun eXcitement)

What is the name of Belgium’s National Airlines?

Answer: SABENA (Societe anonyme Belge dExploitation de la Navigation Aeriene)

What is the commercial Tradename of Monosodium Glutamate?

Answer: Ajinomoto

Name the company founded by Acharya P.C. Ray and Rajshekar Basu in the early 1920s?

Answer: Bengal Chemicals

Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador adopted its model from Which British car model?

Answer: Morris Oxford

From the following lines identify the Corporate. "Since 1935, We have given millions of apples to countless daily visitors to the agency worldwide".

Answer: Leo Burnett

With which brand of healthcare house would Dr. Mukesh Batra associate?

Answer: Positive Health Foundation - First Corporate Homeopathic Clinic in India and the first ISO 9002 certified homeopathic clinic worldwide.

Initially, it was started as ’Brahmanara Coffee Club’ in 1924 and changed the name in 1951 to the present one. In 1976, during an emergency, it started the instant foods business due to the price controls imposed by the Indira Gandhi Government. Identify this successful desi company/brand?

Answer: MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms)

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