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India States - Capital, Area, Population & Principal Languages

This article contains the information about all states in India along with capital name and detailed statistics of each state. Statistics include geographical area (in square kilometres), population and principal spoken languages of each state. Population is based on the final figures of 2001 Census.

Andhra Pradesh

Capital: Hyderabad;
Area: 2,75,068 sq. km;
Population: 76,210,007;
Languages: Telugu and Urdu;
Districts: 23.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh was inaugurated as the 24th State of the Indian Union on Feb. 20, 1986.

Capital: Itanagar;
Area: 83,743 sq. km;
Population: 1,097,968;
Language: Tribal dialects;
Districts: 16.


Capital: Dispur (about 6 km from Guwahati);
Area: 78,438 sq. km;
Population: 26,655,528;
Languages: Assamese and Bengali;
Districts: 27.


Capital: Patna;
Area: 94,163 sq. km;
Population: 82,998,509;
Language: Hindi;
Districts: 38.

Chhattisgarh (Nov. 1, 2000)

Capital: Raipur;
Area: 1,36,034 sq. km;
Population: 20,833,803;
Language: Hindi;
Districts: 18.


Capital: Panji;
Area: 3,702 sq. km;
Population: 1,347,668;
Languages: Marathi, Konkani;
Districts: 2.


Capital: Gandhinagar;
Area: 1,96,024 sq. km;
Population: 50,671,017;
Language: Gujarati;
Districts: 26.


Capital: Chandigarh;
Area: 44,212 sq. km;
Population 21,144,564;
Language: Hindi;
Districts: 21.

Himachal Pradesh

Capital: Shimla;
Area: 55,673 sq. km;
Population: 6,077,900;
Languages: Hindi and Pahari;
Districts: 12.

Jammu and Kashmir

Capital: Srinagar (summer), Jammu (winter);
Area: 2,22,236 sq. km (including area under illegal occupation of Pakistan and China);
Population: 10,143,700;
Languages: Kashmiri, Dogri, Urdu, Ladakhi, Balti, Dardi and Pahari;
Districts: 15 (Four districts are under illegal occupation of Pakistan).

Jharkhand (Nov. 15, 2000)

Capital: Ranchi;
Area: 79,714 sq.
Population: 26,945,829;
Language: Hindi;
Districts: 24.


Capital: Bengaluru;
Area: 1,91,791 sq. km;
Population: 52,850,562;
Language: Kannada;
Districts: 30.


Capital: Thiruvananthapuram;
Area: 38,863 sq. km;
Population: 31,841,374;
Language: Malayalam;
Districts: 14.

Madhya Pradesh

Capital: Bhopal;
Area: 3,08,000 sq. km;
Population: 60,348,023;
Language: Hindi;
Districts: 50.


Capital: Mumbai;
Area: 3,07,713 sq. km;
Population: 96,878,627;
Language: Marathi;
Districts: 35.


Capital: Imphal;
Area: 22,327 sq. km;
Population: 2,293,896;
Language: Manipuri;
Districts: 9.


Capital: Shillong;
Area: 22,429 sq. km;
Population: 2,318,822;
Languages: Khasi Jantia and Garo;
Districts: 7.


Mizoram was inaugurated as the 23rd State of the Indian Union on Feb. 20, 1986.

Capital: Aizawl;
Area: 21,081 sq. km;
Population: 888,573;
Languages: Mizo and English;
Districts: 8.


Capital: Kohima;
Area: 16,579 sq. km;
Population: 1,990,036;
Languages: Naga, Assamese and English;
Districts: 11.

Odisha (Orrisa)

Capital: Bhubaneshwar;
Area: 1,55,707 sq. km;
Population: 36,804,660;
Language: Odia;
Districts: 30.


Capital: Chandigarh;
Area: 50,362 sq. km;
Population: 24,358,999;
Language: Punjabi;
Districts: 20.


Capital: Jaipur;
Area: 3,42,239 sq. km;
Population: 56,507,188;
Languages: Rajasthani and Hindi;
Districts: 33.


Sikkim was integrated with India as 22nd State of the Union by the Constitution (36th Amendment) Act. May 16, 1975.

Capital: Gangtok;
Area: 7,096 sq. km;
Population: 540,851;
Languages: Sikkimese and Gorkhali;
Districts: 4.

Tamil Nadu

Capital: Chennai (Madras);
Area: 1,30,058 sq. km
Population: 62,405,679;
Language: Tamil;
Districts: 31.


Capital: Agartala;
Area: 1,049,169 sq. km;
Population: 3,199,203;
Languages: Bengali, Tripuri and Manipuri;
Districts: 4.

Uttar Pradesh

Capital: Lucknow;
Area: 2,40,928;
Population 166,197,921;
Languages: Hindi;
Districts: 71.

Uttarakhand (Nov. 8-9, 2000)

Capital: Dehradun;
Area: 53,483 sq. km;
Population: 8,489,349;
Language: Hindi;
Districts: 13.

West Bengal

Capital: Kolkata;
Area: 88,752 sq. km;
Population: 80,176,197;
Language: Bengali;
Districts: 19.

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