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Some General Knowledge Questions and Answers

  1. World Wetlands Day is observed on which date?
    Answer: 2nd February
  2. From which flower is vanilla derived?
    Answer: Orchid
  3. Which city is known as "Manchester of Japan"?
    Answer: Osaka
  4. What is motion that repeats itself in a regular cycle called?
    Answer: Oscillation
  5. Which city in England is called the City of the Dreaming Spires?
    Answer: Oxford
  6. Who won 4 gold and a silver medal at the 1986 Asian games? She repeated her winning streak in the two consecutive games by winning 4 more silver medals?
    Answer: PT Usha
  7. Which city is known as "The Holy Land"?
    Answer: Palestine
  8. Which Indian is the world champion in billiards and snooker?
    Answer: Pankaj Adwani
  9. What is the common name of Ficus Religiosa?
    Answer: Peepal
  10. What is the full form of PETA?
    Answer: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  11. Name the musical instrument from Kerala that is a clay pot with a narrow mouth.
    Answer: Ghatam
  12. Name the plant that catches its prey using the sticky hari on its leaves.
    Answer: Cape Sundew
  13. Which fish lives amongst the stinging tentacles fo the sea anemones?
    Answer: Clown fish
  14. What is Machu Picchu also known as?
    Answer: The lost City of the Incas
  15. Which bird migrates across the Sahara desert?
    Answer: Swallows
  16. The Death Cap is the most poisonous variety of which fruit or vegetable?
    Answer: Mushroom
  17. Rome is located on the banks of which river?
    Answer: River Tiber
  18. What is the full form of LBW in cricket?
    Answer: Leg Before Wicket
  19. Which business empire did Dhirubhai Ambani establish?
    Answer: Reliance
  20. Who was also known as "Fuhrer"?
    Answer: Adolf Hitler

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